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Winery Vintages 
Arenberg Wines (d')397 vintages
Coriole Vineyards231 vintages
Fox Creek190 vintages
Kay Brothers126 vintages
Wirra Wirra Vineyards126 vintages
Woodstock121 vintages
Rosemount110 vintages
Richard Hamilton Wines109 vintages
Reynella (Chateau)102 vintages
Shottesbrooke Vineyards90 vintages
Maxwell Wines88 vintages
Kangarilla Road83 vintages
Chapel Hill Winery83 vintages
Tatachilla83 vintages
Scarpantoni79 vintages
Tapestry73 vintages
Penny's Hill70 vintages
Hardys70 vintages
Brokenwood Wines69 vintages
Tributes Winery68 vintages
Yangarra (Park) Estate Vineyards66 vintages
Pirramimma Wines66 vintages
Shingleback66 vintages
Pertaringa Wines65 vintages
Hugo Winery65 vintages
Gemtree Vineyards64 vintages
Simon Hackett Wines (Simon)59 vintages
Serafino57 vintages
Mitolo54 vintages
Joseph54 vintages
Maglieri50 vintages
Two Hands Wines42 vintages
Taranga (Oliver's)39 vintages
Marquis Philips Wines38 vintages
Merrill (Geoff)37 vintages
Mollydooker Wines37 vintages
Haselgrove Wines37 vintages
Thomas Wines (Wayne)37 vintages
Cape Barren36 vintages
Classic McLaren Wines35 vintages
Redheads Wine34 vintages
Koltz33 vintages
Seaview Winery31 vintages
Longwood Estate31 vintages
Tim Gramp Wines30 vintages
Tintara28 vintages
S C Pannell (Stephen)28 vintages
Cascabel Winery28 vintages
Orlando27 vintages
Oliverhill Winery27 vintages
Morgan Simpson26 vintages
Rockbare25 vintages
Aramis Vineyards25 vintages
Hastwell and Lightfoot25 vintages
Paxton24 vintages
Red Knot24 vintages
Noon24 vintages
Journey's End23 vintages
Foggo Wines22 vintages
Curio Wines (La)22 vintages
Shirvington22 vintages
Tyrrell's Wines22 vintages
Hugh Hamilton21 vintages
III Associates21 vintages
Hill Of Content20 vintages
De Lisio Wines20 vintages
DogRidge Vineyard20 vintages
Anvers Wines20 vintages
Samuel's Gorge20 vintages
Marienberg Wines20 vintages
Wit's End20 vintages
Andrew Garrett19 vintages
Lengs & Cooter18 vintages
Normans18 vintages
Mr Riggs Wine Company18 vintages
Sylvan Springs Winery18 vintages
Wirilda Creek17 vintages
Primo Estate17 vintages
Kilikanoon17 vintages
Hillstowe Wines17 vintages
Possums Vineyard16 vintages
Marius Wines16 vintages
Twelve Staves16 vintages
The Gatekeeper15 vintages
Genders Wines15 vintages
Hewitson15 vintages
Hazyblur Wines14 vintages
Lashmar14 vintages
Nashwauk14 vintages
The Old Faithful14 vintages
Battle of Bosworth Wines12 vintages
Angove's11 vintages
Fonthill Wines11 vintages
O'Leary Walker11 vintages
Rudderless11 vintages
Razor's Edge11 vintages
Ulithorne11 vintages
Ballast Stone10 vintages
Australian Domaine Wines9 vintages
Blackbilly9 vintages
Coates Wines9 vintages
Charles Sturt University9 vintages
Gate (The)9 vintages
Shadowfax9 vintages
Nine Stones9 vintages
Nugan Family Estate9 vintages
Linda Domas Wines7 vintages
Corrina Rayment7 vintages
Black Rock7 vintages
Andrew Hardy Winery7 vintages
Battely Wines6 vintages
Forefathers (Australia)6 vintages
Greystone6 vintages
Mt. Jagged6 vintages
Ox6 vintages
Perrini6 vintages
Slipstream6 vintages
Red Earth6 vintages
Roo's Leap5 vintages
Saddler's Creek5 vintages
Songlines Estate5 vintages
Pikkara5 vintages
Piombo5 vintages
Birchwood Wines5 vintages
Arakoon Wines5 vintages
The Hedonist (W & K Clappis)5 vintages
Tir na N'og5 vintages
Thorpe Wines4 vintages
Whip-Hand4 vintages
Arrowfield Wines4 vintages
Brian Barry4 vintages
Cherise4 vintages
Chris Ringland Vintners4 vintages
Chain of Ponds Wines4 vintages
Krondorf4 vintages
Quartetto4 vintages
Marlargo4 vintages
Silverwing4 vintages
Ryecroft4 vintages
Redhouse3 vintages
Stonehaven Winery3 vintages
Swan's Flight3 vintages
Marquee Wine3 vintages
Killibinbin3 vintages
Limelight3 vintages
Jim Jim3 vintages
Greg Norman Australia Estates3 vintages
Hattrick3 vintages
Hawkers Gate3 vintages
Brick Road2 vintages
Neighbours2 vintages
Petagna Wines2 vintages
Oriel Australia2 vintages
Simon Gilbert2 vintages
Screwed2 vintages
Seabrook & Seabrook1 vintages
Seppelt (House of)1 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars Australia1 vintages
Mildara1 vintages
Boutique1 vintages
Giant Steps Vineyard1 vintages
Grants1 vintages
Houghton1 vintages
Valletta1 vintages

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