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Winery Vintages 
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars375 vintages
Phelps (Joseph)317 vintages
Beaulieu Vineyards308 vintages
Beringer296 vintages
Mondavi (Robert)257 vintages
Sterling Vineyards243 vintages
Merryvale Vineyards235 vintages
Flora Springs233 vintages
Heitz225 vintages
Diamond Creek207 vintages
Turley Wine Cellars189 vintages
Krug (Charles)181 vintages
Saint Supery178 vintages
Girard177 vintages
Caymus176 vintages
Cosentino173 vintages
Signorello Vineyards171 vintages
Raymond168 vintages
Newton168 vintages
Whitehall Lane163 vintages
Monticello Vineyards160 vintages
Freemark Abbey160 vintages
Hill (William)159 vintages
Markham155 vintages
Trefethen Vineyards149 vintages
Biale (Robert)146 vintages
Burgess141 vintages
Chappellet138 vintages
Inglenook137 vintages
Pine Ridge133 vintages
Cakebread Cellars131 vintages
Duckhorn130 vintages
Schramsberg129 vintages
Hagafen126 vintages
Behrens & Hitchcock125 vintages
Peju124 vintages
Lewis Cellars122 vintages
Clos du Val121 vintages
Darioush121 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars121 vintages
Montelena (Chateau)118 vintages
Saddleback Cellar117 vintages
St. Clement116 vintages
Araujo Estate Wines113 vintages
Spring Mountain Vineyard111 vintages
Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards108 vintages
Neyers108 vintages
Buehler Vineyards106 vintages
Fisher Vineyards102 vintages
Ridge Vineyards102 vintages
Silverado Vineyards100 vintages
Pahlmeyer100 vintages
Luna Vineyards100 vintages
Green and Red100 vintages
Hess Collection (The)97 vintages
Kongsgaard Wines90 vintages
Jade Mountain89 vintages
Conn Creek89 vintages
Rombauer89 vintages
Viader Vineyards89 vintages
Grgich Hills88 vintages
Hendry Vineyards86 vintages
Arthur (David)86 vintages
Ravenswood86 vintages
Togni (Philip)85 vintages
Elyse85 vintages
Keenan Winery (Robert)84 vintages
Colgin Cellars83 vintages
Bacio Divino (Cellars)81 vintages
Vineyard 2981 vintages
Pride Mountain Vineyards80 vintages
Kendall-Jackson80 vintages
Oakville Ranch79 vintages
Trinchero (M.)79 vintages
Shafer Vineyards78 vintages
Sequoia Grove77 vintages
Rubicon Estate76 vintages
Mount Eden (Villa)76 vintages
Storybook Mountain74 vintages
Mount Veeder Winery72 vintages
Pegase (Clos)72 vintages
Beaucanon72 vintages
Arietta71 vintages
Martin Ray Vineyards71 vintages
Anderson Vineyard (S.)69 vintages
Andretti69 vintages
Castle Rock69 vintages
Opus One68 vintages
Honig Vineyard & Winery68 vintages
Rutherford Hill68 vintages
Delectus Winery67 vintages
Spottswoode Estate Vineyard & Winery66 vintages
Switchback Ridge65 vintages
Lail Vineyards65 vintages
Snowden64 vintages
Sattui Winery (V.)63 vintages
Miner Family Vineyards63 vintages
Dalla Valle Vineyards63 vintages
Cain Cellars61 vintages
Pecota (Robert)61 vintages
Strasser Vineyards (Von)61 vintages
ZD60 vintages
Groth Vineyards & Winery60 vintages
Artesa60 vintages
Guenoc59 vintages
White Rock59 vintages
Ramey Wine Cellars59 vintages
Venge Vineyards58 vintages
Larkmead Vineyard58 vintages
Paoletti (Gianni)58 vintages
Napa Cellars58 vintages
Chiarello Family Vineyards58 vintages
Dominus57 vintages
Folie A Deux57 vintages
Franciscan Oakville Estate56 vintages
Dotto (Del)55 vintages
Summers Estate Wines55 vintages
Grace Family Vineyard54 vintages
Ballentine Vineyards53 vintages
Constant52 vintages
Frog's Leap52 vintages
Martini (Louis M.)52 vintages
Silver Oak Cellars52 vintages
Hobbs Winery (Paul)50 vintages
Kuleto Estate Family Vineyards49 vintages
Mayacamas49 vintages
Napa Wine Co49 vintages
Caldwell Vineyard (Oliver)49 vintages
Newlan48 vintages
Pepi (Robert)48 vintages
Tulocay48 vintages
Realm Cellars47 vintages
Rutherford Ranch47 vintages
Blankiet47 vintages
Altamura47 vintages
Crichton Hall Vineyard47 vintages
Abreu46 vintages
Sirena (La)46 vintages
Reverie Wine45 vintages
Bond45 vintages
Amizetta44 vintages
Benessere vineyards44 vintages
Bennett Lane Winery44 vintages
Steltzner44 vintages
Voss Vineyards44 vintages
Round Hill Vineyards & Cellars43 vintages
Corison42 vintages
Juslyn Vineyards42 vintages
Harrison42 vintages
Jarvis Vineyards41 vintages
JC Cellars41 vintages
Nickel & Nickel41 vintages
Long Vineyards41 vintages
Craig (Robert)41 vintages
Foley Estates Vineyards & Winery (Robert)41 vintages
Potelle (Chateau)41 vintages
Volker Eisele Family Estate41 vintages
Tudal Winery41 vintages
Titus Vineyards41 vintages
Ruston Family Vineyards40 vintages
Stonegate40 vintages
Liparita39 vintages
Livingston39 vintages
Harlan Estate39 vintages
Frazier39 vintages
Lynch38 vintages
Etude Wines38 vintages
Bryant Family Vineyard38 vintages
Surh Luchtel Cellars38 vintages
Broman37 vintages
Black Bart (Krupp Brothers)37 vintages
Fife37 vintages
Hourglass Wine Company37 vintages
Hundred Acre Vineyard37 vintages
Mario Perelli-Minetti36 vintages
Lokoya36 vintages
Dolce36 vintages
Aquinas36 vintages
Rustridge36 vintages
Rutherford Grove35 vintages
Seavey Winery35 vintages
Swanson35 vintages
Bighorn Cellars35 vintages
Culler35 vintages
Neal Family Vineyards35 vintages
Napa Ridge35 vintages
Mumm Napa35 vintages
Franus (Peter)35 vintages
Judd's Hill34 vintages
Moraga Vineyards34 vintages
Madrigal Vineyards34 vintages
Atlas Peak34 vintages
Vieux-Os Wines (Schrader Cellar)34 vintages
Waterstone Wines34 vintages
Veraison33 vintages
Tor Kenward Family Vineyard33 vintages
Stonehedge33 vintages
Dunn33 vintages
Marilyn Wines33 vintages
Lawrence (Karl)33 vintages
Havens Wine Cellar32 vintages
Orin Swift Cellars32 vintages
Dutch Henry32 vintages
Cornerstone32 vintages
B Cellars32 vintages
Edgewood Estate Winery31 vintages
Forman Vineyard31 vintages
Far Niente31 vintages
Lewelling Vineyards31 vintages
Melka (Philip)31 vintages
Herrera ((Mi Sueno))31 vintages
Tom Eddy Wines31 vintages
Hollywood and Vine Cellars 248030 vintages
Decoy30 vintages
Harris Estate29 vintages
Lang & Reed29 vintages
White Oak Wines29 vintages
Selene Wines29 vintages
Screw Kappa Napa29 vintages
Phoenix29 vintages
Rasmussen (Kent)28 vintages
Renard28 vintages
Terraces (The)28 vintages
Jones Family Winery28 vintages
Napa Creek28 vintages
Oberon28 vintages
Atalon Winery28 vintages
Antica Napa Valley27 vintages
Carter Cellars ((Napa Valley))27 vintages
Crocker & Starr27 vintages
Clark-Claudon Vineyards27 vintages
Levendi Winery27 vintages
Hunnicutt27 vintages
Laird Family27 vintages
Trespass Vineyard27 vintages
Vine Cliff Cellars27 vintages
Terra26 vintages
Rudd Estate26 vintages
Dyer Vineyard26 vintages
Douglass Hill26 vintages
Ehlers Estate25 vintages
Christian Brothers Winery25 vintages
Crane Brothers25 vintages
Briggs (August)25 vintages
Amici Cellars25 vintages
Lohr Estate Wines (J.)25 vintages
Mason25 vintages
Novy Family Wines25 vintages
Sequum25 vintages
Perry (Richard)24 vintages
Jericho Canyon24 vintages
Hall24 vintages
Bandiera24 vintages
Cafaro Cellars24 vintages
Farella-Park24 vintages
Chimney Rock23 vintages
Cliff Lede Vineyards23 vintages
Coho Winery23 vintages
Celani Family23 vintages
Bouchaine23 vintages
Society (The John Daniel)23 vintages
Reynolds Family23 vintages
Ritchie Creek23 vintages
Pope Valley23 vintages
T Vine23 vintages
Spelletich22 vintages
Buoncristiani Family Winery22 vintages
Erna Schein (Handcrafted Wines)22 vintages
Ehler's Grove22 vintages
Grande Roche (Chateau)22 vintages
Latour22 vintages
Paraduxx ((Duckhorn Wine Company))22 vintages
Parador21 vintages
Monthaven21 vintages
Chameleon21 vintages
Crauford21 vintages
Brown Estate21 vintages
Castello Di Amorosa21 vintages
Showket21 vintages
Quail Ridge Cellars21 vintages
Rocking Horse21 vintages
Sullivan Wine (Napa)21 vintages
Wolf Family Vineyards21 vintages
Rockland20 vintages
Screaming Eagle20 vintages
Blackstone20 vintages
Beau Vigne Vineyard20 vintages
Ahnfeldt Wines20 vintages
Arns20 vintages
Michael Pozzan20 vintages
Palmer Wines (Arnold)20 vintages
Partridge (Richard)20 vintages
Hestan Vineyards20 vintages
Jax Vineyards19 vintages
Pavilion19 vintages
Alpha Omega19 vintages
Downing Family Vineyards19 vintages
Fogarty (Thomas)19 vintages
Smith and Hook19 vintages
Smith-Madrone Vineyards & Winery19 vintages
Rockledge Vineyards19 vintages
Roy Estate19 vintages
Relic Wines19 vintages
Vincent Arroyo Winery19 vintages
Vichon Winery19 vintages
Thackrey (Sean)18 vintages
Stewart Vineyards18 vintages
Destino18 vintages
Covenant Wines18 vintages
Barbour Vineyards18 vintages
Meyer Vineyards18 vintages
Long Meadow Ranch Winery18 vintages
Leaping Lizard18 vintages
John Anthony Vineyards18 vintages
Husic Vineyards18 vintages
Kapcsandy Family Wines18 vintages
Herb Lamb E Ii18 vintages
Hill Family Estate17 vintages
O'Brien Family Estate17 vintages
Bourassa17 vintages
Cuvaison estate wines17 vintages
Demoor17 vintages
Coup de Foudre17 vintages
Emmolo Wine Company17 vintages
Fitch Mountain17 vintages
Schug17 vintages
Shypoke16 vintages
Renteria16 vintages
Frank Family Vineyards16 vintages
Corte Riva Vineyards16 vintages
Cade Winery16 vintages
Napanook Vineyards16 vintages
Nichelini16 vintages
Mauritson Family Winery16 vintages
Hartwell16 vintages
Lakespring16 vintages
I'M15 vintages
Jocelyn & Lonen Wines15 vintages
Herzog15 vintages
Maddalena15 vintages
Audubon15 vintages
Desante15 vintages
Cloud View Vineyards15 vintages
Dickerson15 vintages
Rabbit Ridge15 vintages
Silver Rose Cellars15 vintages
Shadow Brook15 vintages
Stony Hill Vineyard15 vintages
Van Asperen15 vintages
Trinchero14 vintages
Tofanelli14 vintages
Stratford Winery14 vintages
Ramsay14 vintages
Cohn (B R)14 vintages
Avalon14 vintages
Astrale e Terra14 vintages
Merus14 vintages
Neiman14 vintages
Innisfree14 vintages
Kobalt Wines13 vintages
Larkin Wines13 vintages
Galleron Winery and Vineyards13 vintages
Palazzo Wine (Scott)13 vintages
Match Vineyards13 vintages
Maso13 vintages
Axios Wine13 vintages
Byington13 vintages
Carver-Sutro Vineyards13 vintages
Carmenet13 vintages
Castoro Cellars13 vintages
Elkhorn Peak13 vintages
Eagles Trace13 vintages
Envy13 vintages
Plumpjack13 vintages
Rutherford Estate13 vintages
Staglin Family Vineyard13 vintages
Stephens Estate (D.R.)12 vintages
Soter Vineyards12 vintages
Source-Napa12 vintages
Ristow12 vintages
Portfolio Winery12 vintages
Ramspeck12 vintages
Redwood Canyon12 vintages
Vice Versa12 vintages
Weinstock12 vintages
Zahtila Vineyards12 vintages
Faust12 vintages
Cobblestone Winery & Vineyard12 vintages
Crane Family Vineyards12 vintages
Croze12 vintages
David Vineyards (Narsai & Venus)12 vintages
Buccella Wines12 vintages
Blair Estate12 vintages
Madigan12 vintages
Liberty School12 vintages
One Vineyard12 vintages
Parry12 vintages
Per Sempre12 vintages
Hill Climber Vineyards12 vintages
Harbison (JP)12 vintages
Janzen Estate12 vintages
Jessup11 vintages
J. Davies Vineyards11 vintages
Kirkland Ranch11 vintages
Hollywood & Vine 248011 vintages
Guilliams11 vintages
Palmaz11 vintages
Parallel Wines11 vintages
Levy-McClellan Wines11 vintages
Leonetti Cellar11 vintages
Maldonado11 vintages
Bressler Vineyards11 vintages
Baron Herzog11 vintages
Amuse Bouche11 vintages
Anomaly Vineyards11 vintages
Catacula Lake11 vintages
Cecchetti-Sebastiani11 vintages
Elizabeth Spencer11 vintages
Emilio's Terrace Vineyard11 vintages
Wild Horse11 vintages
White Cottage11 vintages
Stratton Lummis11 vintages
Sbragia Family Vineyards11 vintages
Sherwin Family10 vintages
Rowland Napa10 vintages
Vinoce10 vintages
Woltner (Chateau)10 vintages
Worthy10 vintages
Toad Hall10 vintages
Drinkward Peschon Entre Deux Meres10 vintages
Diamond Terrace Vineyards10 vintages
Duxoup10 vintages
Eponymous Winery10 vintages
Franklin (Jacob)10 vintages
Cenay10 vintages
Dancing Hares10 vintages
Allora10 vintages
Brookdale10 vintages
Bridesmaid10 vintages
Bonanno10 vintages
Blockheadia Ringnosi Winery10 vintages
Calistoga Cellars10 vintages
Longfellow10 vintages
Mckenzie-Mueller10 vintages
Phelan Vineyards10 vintages
Origin-Napa10 vintages
Moss Creek10 vintages
Highlands Winery10 vintages
Kelly Fleming Wines10 vintages
LaChance Wines (Clos)10 vintages
Ladera Vineyards10 vintages
James Johnson10 vintages
Illumination9 vintages
Jeff Gordon9 vintages
Kirkland Signature9 vintages
Koves-Newlan9 vintages
Hardin9 vintages
Moone-Tsai Vineyards9 vintages
Mendelson9 vintages
Marcelina Vineyards9 vintages
Le Ducq9 vintages
C&T Cellars9 vintages
Blackbird Vineyards9 vintages
Branded Wines (Sonador)9 vintages
Acacia9 vintages
D-Cubed Cubed9 vintages
Corra9 vintages
Charter Oak9 vintages
Ecosse (L')9 vintages
Edmunds Saint John9 vintages
Elliott9 vintages
Sutter Home9 vintages
Versant Vineyards9 vintages
Vigil9 vintages
Villa Andriana9 vintages
Vin Perdu9 vintages
Tulip Hill9 vintages
Roots Run Deep9 vintages
Rock River9 vintages
Revere Vineyard and Winery9 vintages
R & B Cellars9 vintages
Philippe-Lorraine9 vintages
Schuetz Oles9 vintages
Saviez8 vintages
Saint Helena Estate8 vintages
Seps Estate8 vintages
Pina Cellars8 vintages
Plam Vineyards8 vintages
Red Car Wine Company8 vintages
Prager Winery & Port8 vintages
Salvestrin Estate Vineyards & Winery8 vintages
Vermeil (Jean Louis)8 vintages
Tamayo8 vintages
Tobacco Road8 vintages
Three Clicks8 vintages
Tres Sabores8 vintages
Xtant8 vintages
Winter8 vintages
Failla-Jordan8 vintages
Deer Park8 vintages
Aida Vineyard8 vintages
Andrew Geoffrey Vineyard8 vintages
Ancien8 vintages
Barnett Vineyards8 vintages
Big Ass Chard8 vintages
Calistoga Vineyards8 vintages
Cali 3518 vintages
Marietta8 vintages
Maybach Family Vineyards8 vintages
Michael Sullberg8 vintages
Miller Wine Works8 vintages
Napa Family8 vintages
Ovid8 vintages
Halby (Thomas)8 vintages
Hollywood & Vine Cellars8 vintages
Grassi8 vintages
Green Truck8 vintages
Graeser8 vintages
Kenzo Estate7 vintages
La Crosse7 vintages
Jana7 vintages
J. Wile & Sons7 vintages
Jaeger7 vintages
Huntington7 vintages
Moondance7 vintages
Mirassou7 vintages
Ledgewood Creek Winery7 vintages
Bialla Vineyards7 vintages
Black Coyote7 vintages
Beck (C.)7 vintages
Ahlgren7 vintages
Colby7 vintages
Winterbrook7 vintages
Wings7 vintages
Work Vineyard7 vintages
Topaz7 vintages
Villa Zapu7 vintages
Trinitas Cellars7 vintages
Two Hands Napa7 vintages
Rudius7 vintages
Pradel Cellars (Bernard)7 vintages
S.P. Drummer Wines7 vintages
Seven Stones7 vintages
Sodaro7 vintages
Spencer Roloson Winery6 vintages
Silver Stag Winery6 vintages
Rocket Science6 vintages
Ross (Stephen)6 vintages
Vin De Manies6 vintages
X Winery6 vintages
Windemere6 vintages
Coniglio6 vintages
Cockerell6 vintages
Christophe6 vintages
Chestnut Hill Winery6 vintages
Erba Mountainside Vineyards6 vintages
Esca6 vintages
Emerson Brown6 vintages
Edwards (Jean)6 vintages
4 Bears6 vintages
Bayview Cellars6 vintages
Barlow Vineyards6 vintages
Bettinelli6 vintages
Brandborg6 vintages
Carrefour Vineyards6 vintages
Calafia6 vintages
Burly6 vintages
Magrez USA (Bernard)6 vintages
Mara6 vintages
Mad Hatter6 vintages
Moffett6 vintages
Mount St. Helena Brand6 vintages
Ortman Family Vineyards6 vintages
Igneous6 vintages
Kenefick Ranch6 vintages
Graham Wines (Gregory)6 vintages
Glass Mountain Quarry6 vintages
Gain Bay6 vintages
Garric Cellars6 vintages
Gridley6 vintages
Gustavo Thrace6 vintages
Hagen Heights6 vintages
Hill & Thoma Winegrowers6 vintages
Helena View6 vintages
Hart's Desire5 vintages
Gemella5 vintages
La Vieille Montagne5 vintages
Iván Tamás5 vintages
Jota (la)5 vintages
Palmeri Wine5 vintages
Monticelli Brothers5 vintages
Mayo Family Winery (The)5 vintages
Bonverre5 vintages
Boeger Winery5 vintages
Benziger5 vintages
Azalea Springs5 vintages
Bald Mountain5 vintages
Adams Ridge5 vintages
Almvs5 vintages
Arrowood Vineyards5 vintages
Enkidu Wine5 vintages
Eagle & Rose5 vintages
Chanticleer5 vintages
Charles Creek5 vintages
Dana Estates5 vintages
Cynthus5 vintages
Corbett Canyon5 vintages
Volta5 vintages
Via Firenze5 vintages
Veedercrest5 vintages
Sage5 vintages
Purple Mountain5 vintages
Scholium Project (The)5 vintages
Selby5 vintages
Solaris Winery5 vintages
Sonoma Creek Winery5 vintages
Stone Creek5 vintages
Star Hill4 vintages
Streblow4 vintages
Sirita4 vintages
Soda Canyon4 vintages
Schulz4 vintages
Silverado Hill Cellars4 vintages
Shibumi Knoll Vineyards4 vintages
Shaw Wine (Charles)4 vintages
R Wines4 vintages
Van Der Heyden4 vintages
Two Wives4 vintages
Used Automobile Parts4 vintages
Viansa4 vintages
Tria4 vintages
Zoom4 vintages
Corley Family4 vintages
Daydream4 vintages
Chevre Winery (Chateau)4 vintages
Clare Luce Abbey Estate4 vintages
DRII4 vintages
Frank - Rombauer Cellars4 vintages
Altus4 vintages
Adi4 vintages
Adler Fels4 vintages
Ashland Park4 vintages
Belvedere4 vintages
Canard4 vintages
Carlisle Winery & Vineyards4 vintages
Calix4 vintages
Mastery (Ken Voigt)4 vintages
Michael-Scott4 vintages
Margarite (Chateau)4 vintages
Limur4 vintages
Phifer Pavitt Wine4 vintages
Napa Station4 vintages
Nord Estate4 vintages
Joel Gott4 vintages
Igor Larionov Select Wines4 vintages
La Famiglia Di Robert Mondavi4 vintages
Le Bon Vin De La Napa Valley4 vintages
Goosecross Cellars4 vintages
Hawkstone4 vintages
Hayman & Hill4 vintages
Harbinger3 vintages
Howell Mountain Vineyards3 vintages
Laurent Cellars3 vintages
L'Escrime3 vintages
Krutz Family3 vintages
Inniskillin Napa3 vintages
Jamieson Canyon3 vintages
Joli Val3 vintages
Jayson3 vintages
Neal Shifflett3 vintages
Mount Maroma3 vintages
Organic Wine Works3 vintages
Olson Ogden Wines3 vintages
Milat3 vintages
Mccauley3 vintages
Byrd-Cooper Wines3 vintages
Bridgeway3 vintages
Blackford Wines3 vintages
Benz Family3 vintages
Balcom Family Cellars3 vintages
Aetna Springs3 vintages
Expressions3 vintages
Fetzer Vineyards3 vintages
Fieldbrook Winery3 vintages
Dunnewood3 vintages
Dominari3 vintages
Watermark3 vintages
Waugh3 vintages
Waypoint Wine3 vintages
Whitford3 vintages
Terra Rosa3 vintages
Tara Bella3 vintages
Sunny St. Helena3 vintages
Tay Vineyards3 vintages
The Negociants3 vintages
Thomas-Hsi3 vintages
Trueblood3 vintages
Venezia Winery3 vintages
Porter Family3 vintages
Rutz Cellars3 vintages
Sand T Cellars3 vintages
Royce3 vintages
Sherbrooke3 vintages
Silverwood3 vintages
Sineann Cellars3 vintages
Smith & Wollensky3 vintages
Sotelo Cellars (Alex)2 vintages
Serene Cellars2 vintages
Sarafornia2 vintages
Robert Keeble2 vintages
Ramian2 vintages
Regusci2 vintages
Vinavera2 vintages
Villa Helena2 vintages
Traulsen2 vintages
Wightman2 vintages
Williams-Selyem Winery2 vintages
Watkins2 vintages
Westwood2 vintages
Zia Winery2 vintages
Edge Hill Winery2 vintages
Fairchild Winery2 vintages
Fensalir2 vintages
Codorniu Napa Winery2 vintages
Chiles Lake2 vintages
Chandon (Domaine)2 vintages
De Leu (Chateau)2 vintages
Crystal Valley2 vintages
Aries2 vintages
Amusant2 vintages
Anterra2 vintages
Bergfeld2 vintages
Benicia2 vintages
Bayard Fox Winery2 vintages
Blue Cellars2 vintages
Blake2 vintages
Black and Blue2 vintages
Bon Marche2 vintages
Castleview2 vintages
Casa Nuestra2 vintages
Merlion2 vintages
Metisse2 vintages
Marshall2 vintages
Midsummer2 vintages
Michael Austin2 vintages
Magistrate2 vintages
Magnolia2 vintages
Petite Vigne (la)2 vintages
Napadan2 vintages
Nominée2 vintages
Oak Falls2 vintages
Olabisi Wines2 vintages
Joya2 vintages
Jack Brooks2 vintages
La Chouette2 vintages
Kind2 vintages
Harbor2 vintages
Grand Archer (Domaine)2 vintages
Geyser Peak2 vintages
Hanna2 vintages
Habitat2 vintages
Grove Street1 vintages
Gicoma1 vintages
Gabrielli1 vintages
Graceland1 vintages
Galleron Laine1 vintages
Hoffman Cellars1 vintages
Hickok1 vintages
La Ferronnière1 vintages
Lamphere1 vintages
Landau Estates1 vintages
Johnson Turnbull Winery1 vintages
Noble Brothers1 vintages
Navarro1 vintages
Napa (Domaine)1 vintages
Parallel Rows1 vintages
On The Edge1 vintages
Page Mill1 vintages
Palio Vecchio1 vintages
Los Encantos1 vintages
Llords & Elwood1 vintages
Ledson1 vintages
Leo Joseph1 vintages
Michael (Thomas)1 vintages
Monte Carasso1 vintages
Carneros Creek Winery1 vintages
Cameron Hughes1 vintages
Caliban1 vintages
Burrell School1 vintages
Buckeye Flats1 vintages
Boswell (Chateau)1 vintages
Bramlett1 vintages
Branham Estate Wines1 vintages
Brian Carter Cellars ((Columbia))1 vintages
Bargetto1 vintages
13 Appellations1 vintages
29 Songs1 vintages
Alatera1 vintages
De Moor Winery1 vintages
Davis Bynum1 vintages
Charles B. Mitchell1 vintages
Clanon1 vintages
Clos Robert1 vintages
Erich Russell1 vintages
Foppiano1 vintages
Frank-Rombauer Larkmead1 vintages
Finkelstein1 vintages
Emm1 vintages
Emeril's Classics1 vintages
Vose1 vintages
Voilà!1 vintages
Young Ridge Vineyard1 vintages
Terra Vin1 vintages
Tierra Caliente1 vintages
Tistrya1 vintages
Thornhill1 vintages
Teaderipple1 vintages
Sunridge1 vintages
Tarius1 vintages
Victoria Lane1 vintages
Verite1 vintages
Vare1 vintages
R.A. Harrison1 vintages
Poppy Hill1 vintages
Richard Grant1 vintages
Sciambra1 vintages
Sawkar Family1 vintages
Spoto1 vintages
Sugarloaf Crossing1 vintages
Stony Ridge1 vintages
Stone Fly1 vintages

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