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Winery Vintages 
Mondavi (Robert)149 vintages
Franciscan Oakville Estate148 vintages
Turnbull111 vintages
Flora Springs95 vintages
Sterling Vineyards94 vintages
Cakebread Cellars93 vintages
Stag's Leap Wine Cellars90 vintages
Markham86 vintages
Nickel & Nickel82 vintages
Merryvale Vineyards80 vintages
Rutherford Hill77 vintages
Vine Cliff Cellars77 vintages
Paradigm74 vintages
Swanson73 vintages
Groth Vineyards & Winery73 vintages
Lewis Cellars73 vintages
Saddleback Cellar71 vintages
Vieux-Os Wines (Schrader Cellar)70 vintages
Plumpjack70 vintages
Raymond63 vintages
Beringer60 vintages
Keenan Winery (Robert)55 vintages
Newton53 vintages
Hill (William)52 vintages
Freemark Abbey51 vintages
Chappellet51 vintages
Miner Family Vineyards50 vintages
Silverado Vineyards49 vintages
Shafer Vineyards49 vintages
Mount Veeder Winery47 vintages
Pahlmeyer47 vintages
Forman Vineyard47 vintages
Pride Mountain Vineyards45 vintages
Phelps (Joseph)45 vintages
Rudd Estate44 vintages
Trefethen Vineyards44 vintages
Gargiulo Vineyards44 vintages
Cosentino44 vintages
Grgich Hills43 vintages
Peju39 vintages
Girard37 vintages
Harrison34 vintages
Duckhorn34 vintages
Venge Vineyards34 vintages
Hess Collection (The)33 vintages
Jarvis Vineyards33 vintages
Far Niente32 vintages
Provenance Wines32 vintages
Clos du Val31 vintages
Behrens & Hitchcock31 vintages
ZD31 vintages
Bond30 vintages
Folie A Deux30 vintages
Saint Supery30 vintages
Seavey Winery30 vintages
Stanton Vineyards29 vintages
Stony Hill Vineyard29 vintages
Delectus Winery29 vintages
Oakville Ranch28 vintages
Mayacamas28 vintages
Napa (Domaine)27 vintages
Montelena (Chateau)27 vintages
Tor Kenward Family Vineyard27 vintages
Signorello Vineyards27 vintages
Round Hill Vineyards & Cellars27 vintages
Cain Cellars27 vintages
Bouchaine26 vintages
Artesa26 vintages
Hobbs Winery (Paul)26 vintages
St. Clement26 vintages
Patz and Hall Wine Company25 vintages
Whitehall Lane24 vintages
Rombauer23 vintages
Oakford23 vintages
Matanzas Creek23 vintages
Frog's Leap23 vintages
Cuvaison estate wines23 vintages
Detert Family Vineyards22 vintages
Cartlidge & Browne Wines22 vintages
Cafaro Cellars22 vintages
Krug (Charles)22 vintages
Pegase (Clos)22 vintages
Vichon Winery21 vintages
Long Vineyards21 vintages
Ghost Block20 vintages
Burgess20 vintages
Beaulieu Vineyards20 vintages
Pine Ridge20 vintages
Neyers19 vintages
Saint Andrew's Winery19 vintages
Selene Wines19 vintages
Kelham19 vintages
Paloma Vineyard18 vintages
Laird Family17 vintages
Frank Family Vineyards17 vintages
Etude Wines17 vintages
Carter Cellars ((Napa Valley))17 vintages
Emmolo Wine Company17 vintages
Beaucanon16 vintages
Farella-Park16 vintages
Hagafen16 vintages
Lakespring15 vintages
Luna Vineyards15 vintages
Arthur (David)15 vintages
Darioush15 vintages
Madrigal Vineyards15 vintages
Monticello Vineyards15 vintages
Salvestrin Estate Vineyards & Winery15 vintages
Strasser Vineyards (Von)15 vintages
MacRostie14 vintages
Ramsay14 vintages
Rasmussen (Kent)14 vintages
Crichton Hall Vineyard14 vintages
Arietta14 vintages
Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards14 vintages
Livingston14 vintages
Jade Mountain13 vintages
Ballentine Vineyards13 vintages
Atalon Winery13 vintages
Martin Ray Vineyards13 vintages
Sullivan Wine (Napa)13 vintages
Twomey Cellars13 vintages
White Oak Wines13 vintages
Waterstone Wines13 vintages
Sattui Winery (V.)12 vintages
Regusci12 vintages
Napa Ridge12 vintages
Newlan12 vintages
O'Brien Family Estate12 vintages
Ehlers Estate12 vintages
Irony Wines12 vintages
Kongsgaard Wines12 vintages
Goldschmidt Vineyard12 vintages
Goosecross Cellars11 vintages
Hoopes11 vintages
Leaping Lizard11 vintages
Jayson11 vintages
Andretti11 vintages
Aquinas11 vintages
Pepi (Robert)11 vintages
Mason11 vintages
Marcelina Vineyards11 vintages
Revana Family Vineyard11 vintages
Smith-Madrone Vineyards & Winery11 vintages
Terra11 vintages
Wolf Family Vineyards11 vintages
Quail Ridge Cellars10 vintages
Realm Cellars10 vintages
Ahnfeldt Wines10 vintages
Barlow Vineyards10 vintages
Blair Estate10 vintages
Edgewood Estate Winery9 vintages
Cronin9 vintages
Continuum9 vintages
Futo9 vintages
Ramey Wine Cellars9 vintages
Pavilion9 vintages
Textbook9 vintages
Tierra Roja9 vintages
Titus Vineyards9 vintages
Tamber Bey9 vintages
Voss Vineyards9 vintages
Stonegate9 vintages
X Winery9 vintages
Oberon8 vintages
Macauley Vineyard8 vintages
Morlet Family Vineyards8 vintages
Kuleto Estate Family Vineyards8 vintages
Larkmead Vineyard8 vintages
Corte Riva Vineyards8 vintages
Engel Family8 vintages
Blankiet8 vintages
Carneros Creek Winery8 vintages
Azalea Springs8 vintages
Baccala Estate7 vintages
Bevan Cellars7 vintages
Larkin Wines7 vintages
Kirkwood (J)7 vintages
Leeward Winery7 vintages
Jeff Gordon7 vintages
Frias Family Vineyard7 vintages
Franus (Peter)7 vintages
Fife7 vintages
Foley Estates Vineyards & Winery (Robert)7 vintages
Manzanita Canyon7 vintages
Screw Kappa Napa7 vintages
Shaw Wine (Charles)7 vintages
Showket7 vintages
Rocking Horse7 vintages
Teatown7 vintages
Straus (Vineyards)7 vintages
W S Keyes Vineyard Estate6 vintages
Ruston Family Vineyards6 vintages
Martini (Louis M.)6 vintages
Moondance6 vintages
Fitch Mountain6 vintages
Jessup6 vintages
Kirkland Ranch6 vintages
Kenefick Ranch6 vintages
Bravante Vineyards6 vintages
Eagles Trace6 vintages
Celani Family6 vintages
Chevre Winery (Chateau)5 vintages
Christian Brothers Winery5 vintages
Craig (Robert)5 vintages
Bighorn Cellars5 vintages
Bacio Divino (Cellars)5 vintages
Kelham Maclean5 vintages
Inglenook5 vintages
Innisfree5 vintages
Falcor Wine Cellars5 vintages
Husic Vineyards5 vintages
Napa Creek5 vintages
Paoletti (Gianni)5 vintages
Philippe-Lorraine5 vintages
S.P. Drummer Wines5 vintages
Revere Vineyard and Winery5 vintages
Selby5 vintages
Two Tone Farm5 vintages
Uvada4 vintages
Waypoint Wine4 vintages
Sirita4 vintages
Razi Vineyard4 vintages
Mansfield4 vintages
Hestan Vineyards4 vintages
Hunter Ashby4 vintages
Judd's Hill4 vintages
Kesner Wines4 vintages
Lyeth Vineyards & Winery4 vintages
Astrale e Terra4 vintages
Bettinelli4 vintages
Dutch Henry4 vintages
Coya4 vintages
Cross3 vintages
Dickerson3 vintages
Dominari3 vintages
Altamura3 vintages
Amizetta3 vintages
Lokoya3 vintages
Kelly Magee3 vintages
Maldonado3 vintages
LaChance Wines (Clos)3 vintages
Mccauley3 vintages
Neiman3 vintages
Miura3 vintages
Rubicon Estate3 vintages
Russian Hill3 vintages
Windy Lane3 vintages
Strata3 vintages
Sylviane3 vintages
Whispering Dove2 vintages
Van Asperen2 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars2 vintages
Spoto2 vintages
Matthew Daniel2 vintages
Oak Falls2 vintages
Nominée2 vintages
La Crosse2 vintages
Hyde De Villaine (HDV)2 vintages
Guglielmo2 vintages
Bennett Lane Winery2 vintages
Dunnewood2 vintages
Clos Danielle2 vintages
Chestnut Hill Winery2 vintages
Castle Rock2 vintages
Cecchetti-Sebastiani2 vintages
Clairvaux1 vintages
Danica (Domaine)1 vintages
Bergfeld1 vintages
Brian Carter Cellars ((Columbia))1 vintages
Broman1 vintages
Acacia1 vintages
Bayview Cellars1 vintages
Le Bon Vin De La Napa Valley1 vintages
Maboroshi1 vintages
Iván Tamás1 vintages
J. Wile & Sons1 vintages
Nichelini1 vintages
Palio Vecchio1 vintages
Plam Vineyards1 vintages
Meadow Glen1 vintages
Marion1 vintages
Mark Moretti1 vintages
Magistrate1 vintages
Montona1 vintages
Napa Wine Co1 vintages
Mystal1 vintages
Star Hill1 vintages
Salmon Harbor1 vintages
Unalii1 vintages
Streblow1 vintages

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