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Winery Vintages 
Concannon Vineyard243 vintages
Fess Parker237 vintages
Ojai Vineyard206 vintages
Melville Winery203 vintages
Qupe Cellars202 vintages
Alban Vineyards190 vintages
Mirassou175 vintages
Estancia169 vintages
Zaca Mesa164 vintages
Meridian162 vintages
Au Bon Climat162 vintages
Sanford145 vintages
Wild Horse140 vintages
Byron137 vintages
Babcock134 vintages
Lockwood131 vintages
Jaffurs Wine Cellars131 vintages
Morgan Winery131 vintages
Edna Valley Vineyard128 vintages
Chalone Vineyard127 vintages
Monterey Vineyard118 vintages
Brewer-Clifton116 vintages
Jekel Vineyards and Winery116 vintages
Baileyana Winery107 vintages
Mondavi (Robert)106 vintages
Calera Wine Company104 vintages
Sterling Vineyards100 vintages
Santa Barbara Winery99 vintages
Talbott (Robert)98 vintages
Foley Estates Vineyards & Winery (Robert)93 vintages
Alfred (Domaine Chamisal)87 vintages
Hartley-Ostini Hitching Post Winery83 vintages
Bonaccorsi Wine Company81 vintages
Blackstone80 vintages
Claiborne & Churchill79 vintages
Hahn75 vintages
Palmina Wines75 vintages
Baron Herzog74 vintages
Andrew Murray Vineyards73 vintages
Longoria71 vintages
Julien Wine Estate (Chateau)70 vintages
Mosby70 vintages
Mount Eden Vineyards70 vintages
Maddalena69 vintages
Curtis Wines67 vintages
Talley Vineyards67 vintages
Castoro Cellars65 vintages
Blackjack Ranch64 vintages
Lohr Estate Wines (J.)64 vintages
Tensley Wines64 vintages
LaChance Wines (Clos)63 vintages
Logan61 vintages
York Mountain61 vintages
Tolosa Winery60 vintages
Foxen57 vintages
Testarossa56 vintages
Nichols55 vintages
Corbett Canyon55 vintages
Gainey54 vintages
Cambria53 vintages
Consilience52 vintages
Bernardus52 vintages
Castle Rock51 vintages
Justin Vineyards & Winery51 vintages
Margerum Wine Co50 vintages
Epiphany Cellars50 vintages
Adelaida Wines50 vintages
Ventana50 vintages
Bruce (David)49 vintages
Cline Cellars47 vintages
Taz Vineyards47 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars46 vintages
Ross (Stephen)46 vintages
Napa Ridge46 vintages
Bishop's Peak46 vintages
LinCourt Vineyards46 vintages
Leeward Winery45 vintages
Williams-Selyem Winery45 vintages
Sine Qua Non44 vintages
Fetzer Vineyards44 vintages
Rusack Vineyards43 vintages
Fogarty (Thomas)42 vintages
Beckmen Vineyards42 vintages
Bargetto42 vintages
Anapamu42 vintages
Echelon42 vintages
Joullian41 vintages
Wente (Vineyards)41 vintages
Siduri Wines40 vintages
Monterra40 vintages
Tangent39 vintages
Sunstone39 vintages
Barnwood39 vintages
Alma Rosa Winery & Vineyards38 vintages
Carpe Diem Cellars38 vintages
Laetitia38 vintages
Steele Wines36 vintages
Kendall-Jackson35 vintages
Blair Fox Cellars35 vintages
Cinnabar34 vintages
Caymus34 vintages
Sea Smoke Winery34 vintages
Treana34 vintages
Ca'del Solo33 vintages
Lafond Winery & Vineyards32 vintages
Monterey Peninsula32 vintages
Cycles Gladiator31 vintages
Chimere Winery30 vintages
Loring Wine Company30 vintages
Carmel Road Winery29 vintages
Core Wine29 vintages
Bridlewood29 vintages
Kynsi Winery28 vintages
Garretson Wine Co28 vintages
Mountain View28 vintages
Samsara Wine Co.28 vintages
Ortman Family Vineyards27 vintages
Grayson Cellars27 vintages
Gehrs (Daniel)27 vintages
Cold Heaven27 vintages
Avila26 vintages
Martin Ray Vineyards26 vintages
McPrice Myers26 vintages
Five Rivers25 vintages
Cargasacchi25 vintages
Kali-Hart24 vintages
Ridge Vineyards24 vintages
Shale Ridge24 vintages
Bonny Doon23 vintages
Arcadian Winery22 vintages
Mandolin22 vintages
Martin & Weyrich Winery21 vintages
Failla-Jordan21 vintages
Heggies Vineyard Estate21 vintages
Austin21 vintages
Cottonwood Canyon Winery and Vineyards21 vintages
Drew Family Cellars20 vintages
Canyon Ridge20 vintages
Cloninger20 vintages
Bedford-Thomson Winery and Vineyard20 vintages
Herman Story Wines19 vintages
Greg Norman California Estates19 vintages
Mer Soleil Vineyard19 vintages
Marilyn Remark Wines19 vintages
MacMurray Ranch18 vintages
Austin Hope Winery18 vintages
Camelot Wines18 vintages
Carr Vineyard And Winery18 vintages
Tantara18 vintages
Prospero18 vintages
Trinchero Family18 vintages
Turley Wine Cellars17 vintages
Point Concepción17 vintages
Seven Peaks17 vintages
Rock Rabbit17 vintages
A.P. Vin17 vintages
Beringer17 vintages
Firestone Wines (Vineyards)17 vintages
Fiddlehead16 vintages
Gary Farrell Wines16 vintages
JC Cellars16 vintages
Liberty School16 vintages
Carmenet16 vintages
Clayhouse Estate & Vineyard16 vintages
Roessler Cellars16 vintages
Summerland Winery16 vintages
Morro Bay16 vintages
Pisoni Vineyards and winery15 vintages
Tobin James Cellars15 vintages
San Saba15 vintages
Santa Ynez Valley15 vintages
Vita Nova15 vintages
Io15 vintages
Millbrook Vineyards and winery14 vintages
Diatom (Greg Brewer)14 vintages
Barrel 2714 vintages
Travis14 vintages
San Simeon14 vintages
Taft Street14 vintages
Pepe Estate (Clos)14 vintages
Mount Eden (Villa)14 vintages
Neyers14 vintages
Peachy Canyon13 vintages
Robert Hall13 vintages
Wolff13 vintages
Big House13 vintages
Creston13 vintages
Kenneth-Crawford Wines13 vintages
Elliston12 vintages
Bocage12 vintages
Pali Wine Co.12 vintages
Pavona12 vintages
Three Saints11 vintages
Sarah's Vineyard11 vintages
Rozak Vintners11 vintages
Campion Wines11 vintages
Midnight Cellars11 vintages
Lucas & Lewellen11 vintages
Iván Tamás11 vintages
Four Vines Winery11 vintages
Francis Coppola Diamond Series11 vintages
Foxglove10 vintages
Firestone (Vineyards)10 vintages
Michael Sullberg10 vintages
Lillian10 vintages
Lato (Paul)10 vintages
Cobblestone Winery & Vineyard10 vintages
De Clarck (Domaine)10 vintages
Banyan10 vintages
Anglim Winery10 vintages
Tortoise Creek USA10 vintages
Oreana10 vintages
Turner Road10 vintages
Wilkes (J.)9 vintages
Vega9 vintages
Whitcraft Winery9 vintages
Pietra Santa9 vintages
Tamás Estates9 vintages
Shooting Star9 vintages
Scheid9 vintages
Barbieri9 vintages
Maison Deutz9 vintages
Lane Tanner8 vintages
La Vie Vineyards8 vintages
Kunin Wines8 vintages
Hayes Ranch8 vintages
Cain Cellars8 vintages
Cambiata8 vintages
Carol Shelton Winery8 vintages
Savannah-Chanelle8 vintages
Smith and Hook8 vintages
Pecota (Robert)8 vintages
Red Truck8 vintages
Norman Vineyards8 vintages
Varner Wine8 vintages
Monthaven7 vintages
Parker Station7 vintages
Demetria Estate WInery7 vintages
Crema (La)7 vintages
Bianchi Wine7 vintages
Ampelos Cellars7 vintages
Garland Ranch7 vintages
Hocus Pocus7 vintages
Jory7 vintages
Epoch7 vintages
Kahn Wines7 vintages
Mason6 vintages
Hilltown6 vintages
Harmony Cellars6 vintages
Guy Buffet6 vintages
Alta Maria6 vintages
Alfred Da (Domaine)6 vintages
Ancien6 vintages
Badge Wines (Di Bruno d'Alfonso)6 vintages
dell'Olivos6 vintages
Chumeia6 vintages
Chestnut Hill Winery6 vintages
Pinnacles6 vintages
Rancho Sisquoc6 vintages
Prodigal6 vintages
Morovino6 vintages
Rideau Vineyard6 vintages
Viano Winery & Vineyards6 vintages
Turning Leaf6 vintages
Topel Winery6 vintages
Windemere6 vintages
Vino V Wines5 vintages
Trinchero (M.)5 vintages
Roudon-Smith5 vintages
Sanguis Wine5 vintages
Thorne5 vintages
Thunder Mountain5 vintages
Stevenot5 vintages
Radog5 vintages
Artesa5 vintages
Alapay5 vintages
Guglielmo5 vintages
Indigo Hills5 vintages
Hug Cellars5 vintages
Equus5 vintages
Los Olivos Vintners5 vintages
Koehler Winery5 vintages
Lapis Luna5 vintages
Lorca4 vintages
Little Jonathan Winery4 vintages
Kinton4 vintages
Kenneth Volk Vineyards4 vintages
Estrella River4 vintages
Farallon4 vintages
Felton Empire4 vintages
Fenestra4 vintages
4 Bears4 vintages
Andretti4 vintages
Brophy-Clark Cellars4 vintages
Cecchetti-Sebastiani4 vintages
Casa Barranca Winery4 vintages
Coup de Foudre4 vintages
Copain4 vintages
Red Car Wine Company4 vintages
Praxis4 vintages
Pelerin4 vintages
Pacific Oasis4 vintages
Miner Family Vineyards4 vintages
Oceana4 vintages
Mt. Madonna4 vintages
Night Owl4 vintages
Talomas Wines4 vintages
Timeless Palates Wine4 vintages
Travieso Winery4 vintages
Topanga4 vintages
Thompkin Cellars4 vintages
Tercero4 vintages
Saucelito Canyon4 vintages
Shadow Canyon Cellars4 vintages
Viansa4 vintages
Wellington Vineyards4 vintages
Turchi3 vintages
Tria3 vintages
Tribaut3 vintages
Sensorium3 vintages
Rutz Cellars3 vintages
The Negociants3 vintages
Tiffany Hill3 vintages
Mission View3 vintages
Monte Verde3 vintages
Page Mill3 vintages
P2 Wine3 vintages
Pesenti3 vintages
Queen Of Hearts3 vintages
Curran3 vintages
Dain Wines3 vintages
Delicato3 vintages
Edmunds Saint John3 vintages
Dover Canyon3 vintages
Castello Di Amorosa3 vintages
Carmichael3 vintages
Byington3 vintages
Addamo3 vintages
Fowler3 vintages
J. Kerr3 vintages
Jade Mountain3 vintages
Jalama3 vintages
Joseph Filippi3 vintages
Gypsy Canyon3 vintages
Hart's Desire3 vintages
Hayman & Hill3 vintages
Hess Collection (The)3 vintages
Lawson Ranch3 vintages
Makor3 vintages
Marie Johnston3 vintages
Mastantuono3 vintages
Mazzocco3 vintages
Mcintyre3 vintages
Michael-Grace Wines2 vintages
Mick Fleetwood2 vintages
Mimi (Clos)2 vintages
Los Encantos2 vintages
Karly Wines2 vintages
La Tournelle2 vintages
La Casa Sena2 vintages
Golden's Wines2 vintages
Jewel Collection2 vintages
Holbrook Wines2 vintages
Fermentations & More2 vintages
5 Points2 vintages
Alder Wines2 vintages
Almadén2 vintages
Buffalo Ridge2 vintages
Brindiamo2 vintages
Bassetti Vineyards2 vintages
Bayliss & Fortune2 vintages
Beaulieu Vineyards2 vintages
Cameron Hughes2 vintages
Case2 vintages
Cathy Macgregor2 vintages
Christina (Chateau)2 vintages
Duo2 vintages
Deer Valley2 vintages
Devlin2 vintages
Damian Rae2 vintages
Crosspoint2 vintages
Purple Mountain2 vintages
Qms Group2 vintages
Red Zeppelin2 vintages
Robles (Vina)2 vintages
Pagor2 vintages
Mission Canyon2 vintages
Sycamore Creek2 vintages
Stonehedge2 vintages
Stratford Winery2 vintages
Sans Permis2 vintages
Soquel2 vintages
Solis2 vintages
Silver2 vintages
Verdad2 vintages
Wedell2 vintages
Wine Cask2 vintages
Woodbridge Winery1 vintages
Waterstone Wines1 vintages
White Hawk1 vintages
White Truck1 vintages
Two Hands Napa1 vintages
Silver Stone Wines1 vintages
Solaris Winery1 vintages
Sonnet Wine Cellars1 vintages
Seventh Moon1 vintages
Saint George (Domaine)1 vintages
Sutter Home1 vintages
Teal Lake1 vintages
Thornton1 vintages
Moon Mountain1 vintages
Moorewood1 vintages
Newlan1 vintages
Mystic Cliffs1 vintages
Oak Falls1 vintages
P. & M. Staiger1 vintages
Pfenix1 vintages
Rocca Family Vineyards1 vintages
Rio Seco1 vintages
River Run1 vintages
Red Horse Ranch1 vintages
Quaff1 vintages
Collaboration1 vintages
Diana (Chateau)1 vintages
Deux Mondes USA (Domaine de)1 vintages
Eagles Landing1 vintages
Elodian1 vintages
Ceres1 vintages
Chouinard1 vintages
Chansa1 vintages
Castle Creek1 vintages
Carey Cellars1 vintages
Benziger1 vintages
Brother & Sister1 vintages
Brandborg1 vintages
Brucher1 vintages
Buehler Vineyards1 vintages
Abundance1 vintages
Ahern1 vintages
Andrew Adam Vineyards1 vintages
Antelope Valley1 vintages
Arciero1 vintages
Audubon1 vintages
Ethan Wines1 vintages
Falconer1 vintages
Fleurs Du Maître1 vintages
Francis Berwyn1 vintages
Foss Creek1 vintages
Frick1 vintages
Gan Eden Wines1 vintages
Georis1 vintages
Geyser Peak1 vintages
Gino Da Pinot1 vintages
Hrm Rex Goliath!1 vintages
Humanitas1 vintages
Graff (Richard)1 vintages
La Famiglia Di Robert Mondavi1 vintages
Kirkland Signature1 vintages
Kiddush Hashem1 vintages
Kinderwood1 vintages
Lea1 vintages
Luko1 vintages
Macmillan1 vintages
Manzanita Ridge1 vintages
Markey Family1 vintages
Martini & Prati1 vintages
Maurice Car'Rie1 vintages
Meadow Glen1 vintages

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