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Winery Vintages 
Parducci Wine Estates191 vintages
Handley163 vintages
Bonterra156 vintages
Navarro149 vintages
Lolonis146 vintages
Guenoc121 vintages
Iron Horse112 vintages
Husch Vineyards95 vintages
Copain94 vintages
Fetzer Vineyards87 vintages
Greenwood Ridge85 vintages
Dynamite80 vintages
Bois (Clos du)78 vintages
Steele Wines75 vintages
Schug72 vintages
Mondavi (Robert)69 vintages
Shooting Star61 vintages
Napa Ridge60 vintages
Hartford Family Winery57 vintages
Breggo Cellars57 vintages
McDowell (Wine and Mercantile)55 vintages
Krug (Charles)51 vintages
Goldeneye Estate Winery51 vintages
Benziger46 vintages
Littorai Winery46 vintages
Chalk Hill44 vintages
Beringer42 vintages
Frei Brothers41 vintages
Writer's Block40 vintages
Cosentino39 vintages
Gallo Family Vineyards38 vintages
Shannon Ridge38 vintages
Schramsberg35 vintages
Konocti35 vintages
Dunnewood35 vintages
Mill Creek34 vintages
Londer Vineyards33 vintages
MacPhail Family Wines32 vintages
Martini (Louis M.)32 vintages
Ant Hill Farms31 vintages
Carmenet31 vintages
Edmeades Estate30 vintages
Siduri Wines30 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars28 vintages
Huntington28 vintages
Souverain (Chateau)28 vintages
Laurel Estate27 vintages
Beaulieu Vineyards27 vintages
Adastra26 vintages
Cohn (B R)26 vintages
DuMol26 vintages
County Line26 vintages
Black Kite25 vintages
Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery25 vintages
Cellar No. 824 vintages
Castle Rock24 vintages
75 Wine Company23 vintages
Paul Dolan23 vintages
Lazy Creek Vineyards23 vintages
Williams-Selyem Winery23 vintages
Wildhurst22 vintages
Pax Wine Cellars22 vintages
Mountain View22 vintages
Kendall-Jackson21 vintages
Acacia21 vintages
Claudia Springs20 vintages
Eaglepoint Ranch20 vintages
Pezzi King20 vintages
Radio Coteau Wine Cellars20 vintages
Shafer Vineyards20 vintages
Signorello Vineyards20 vintages
Six Sigma20 vintages
Sterling Vineyards20 vintages
Roessler Cellars19 vintages
Molnar Family Winery19 vintages
Mount Konocti19 vintages
Roederer Estate18 vintages
Kalin Cellars18 vintages
Gabrielli18 vintages
Havens Wine Cellar18 vintages
Barnett Vineyards18 vintages
Milano17 vintages
Obsidian Ridge Vineyard17 vintages
Pepperwood Springs17 vintages
Heron16 vintages
Andretti16 vintages
Conn Creek16 vintages
Dry Creek16 vintages
Crystal Valley16 vintages
Gary Farrell Wines16 vintages
Windsor Vineyards16 vintages
Frey15 vintages
Buena Vista15 vintages
Indigo Hills15 vintages
Marimar Estate Torres Family Vineyards15 vintages
Obester15 vintages
Martinelli Winery14 vintages
Cakebread Cellars14 vintages
Aries14 vintages
Alexander Valley Vineyards13 vintages
Benessere vineyards13 vintages
Frank Family Vineyards13 vintages
Graham Wines (Gregory)13 vintages
Duncan Peak13 vintages
Il Cuore13 vintages
Hidden Cellars13 vintages
Lang & Reed13 vintages
JC Cellars12 vintages
Laurier Vineyards12 vintages
Richardson12 vintages
Farallon12 vintages
Fife12 vintages
X Winery12 vintages
Turning Leaf12 vintages
Fog (Adrian)11 vintages
Greg Norman California Estates11 vintages
Esterlina11 vintages
Bannister11 vintages
Christine Woods11 vintages
Riverside Farm11 vintages
Masut11 vintages
Hudson Vineyards10 vintages
Ici/La-Bas10 vintages
Octopus Mountain10 vintages
Ceja10 vintages
Brandborg10 vintages
Angeline10 vintages
Dashe Cellars10 vintages
Drew Family Cellars10 vintages
Tin Roof10 vintages
Decoy9 vintages
Elke9 vintages
Harmonique9 vintages
Foursight Wines9 vintages
A Donkey and Goat9 vintages
Carrefour Vineyards9 vintages
Plumpjack9 vintages
Silver Palm9 vintages
Skylark Wine Company9 vintages
Mendocino Hill9 vintages
Mendocino Wine Co.8 vintages
Skewis8 vintages
Silver Oak Cellars8 vintages
Renard8 vintages
Pacific Echo8 vintages
Bouchaine8 vintages
Archipel Wines8 vintages
Deerfield Ranch8 vintages
Cuvaison estate wines8 vintages
Corte Riva Vineyards8 vintages
Toulouse Vineyards8 vintages
Sunset8 vintages
Stone Creek7 vintages
Thirty Nine Degrees7 vintages
Dain Wines7 vintages
Elizabeth7 vintages
Arger-Martucci7 vintages
5 Points7 vintages
Au Bon Climat7 vintages
Ceàgo Vinegarden7 vintages
Cecchetti-Sebastiani7 vintages
Pagos de Quintana7 vintages
Quail Ridge Cellars7 vintages
Pellegrini7 vintages
Sauvignon Republic California7 vintages
Magito Wines7 vintages
Lyeth Vineyards & Winery6 vintages
Line 396 vintages
Saxon Brown6 vintages
Scharffenberger6 vintages
Saintsbury6 vintages
Amethyst6 vintages
Arnot-Roberts6 vintages
Graziano ((Family of Wines))6 vintages
Tudor6 vintages
Two Angels6 vintages
Weibel6 vintages
Tulip Hill5 vintages
Three Families5 vintages
Geyser Peak5 vintages
Fieldbrook Winery5 vintages
Fortress5 vintages
De Leu (Chateau)5 vintages
Arista Winery5 vintages
Bravante Vineyards5 vintages
Chestnut Hill Winery5 vintages
Chameleon5 vintages
Burgess5 vintages
Project 30005 vintages
Papapietro Perry Winery5 vintages
Meyer Family5 vintages
Kokomo Wines5 vintages
Langtry4 vintages
Krutz Family4 vintages
Jepson Wine4 vintages
Hobbs Winery (Paul)4 vintages
Martin Ray Vineyards4 vintages
Melanto Terrace4 vintages
Livingston4 vintages
Qms Group4 vintages
Phelps (Joseph)4 vintages
Saracina Vineyards4 vintages
Scherrer4 vintages
Shane Wine Cellars4 vintages
Briggs (August)4 vintages
Consilience4 vintages
Cartlidge & Browne Wines4 vintages
Alesia Vineyards4 vintages
Belvedere4 vintages
Demuth4 vintages
Crichton Hall Vineyard4 vintages
Fulcrum Wines4 vintages
Harrington Wine4 vintages
Gryphon4 vintages
Vie Winery4 vintages
Surh Luchtel Cellars4 vintages
Sparrow Lane4 vintages
Stefan Daniels4 vintages
Woltner (Chateau)4 vintages
Whitcraft Winery4 vintages
Volkhardt3 vintages
Stevenot3 vintages
Tandem Winery3 vintages
Terra Rosa3 vintages
Enkidu Wine3 vintages
Field Stone3 vintages
Deerfield Ranch Drx3 vintages
Ehler's Grove3 vintages
Everett Ridge3 vintages
Atascadero Creek Winery3 vintages
Bandiera3 vintages
Audubon3 vintages
Baccala Estate3 vintages
Cardinale Estate3 vintages
Bruce (David)3 vintages
Braren Pauli3 vintages
Rudius3 vintages
River Oaks3 vintages
Oster3 vintages
Milone3 vintages
Loach (de)3 vintages
Lioco3 vintages
Michel-Schlumberger3 vintages
Jim Ball3 vintages
Judd's Hill3 vintages
Igor Larionov Select Wines2 vintages
Jade Mountain2 vintages
Iván Tamás2 vintages
Medusa2 vintages
Lytton Springs2 vintages
Lonetree2 vintages
Organic Wine Works2 vintages
Raye's Hill2 vintages
Rabbit Ridge2 vintages
Sonoma Creek Winery2 vintages
Brassfield2 vintages
Bogle2 vintages
Brutocao Cellars & Vineyards2 vintages
Breton (Domaine)2 vintages
Baccharis2 vintages
Beauregard (Vineyards)2 vintages
Armida2 vintages
Adler Fels2 vintages
Expressions2 vintages
Elara2 vintages
Fogarty (Thomas)2 vintages
Harrison2 vintages
Trinchero Family2 vintages
Vieux-Os Wines (Schrader Cellar)2 vintages
Valentine2 vintages
Tejada2 vintages
Taft Street2 vintages
Stonehedge2 vintages
Stonestreet & Sons Winery2 vintages
Stony Ridge2 vintages
Steltzner2 vintages
Wilson Winery2 vintages
White Oak Wines1 vintages
Stephen Vincent1 vintages
Stuermer1 vintages
Sulla Bocca1 vintages
Venezia Winery1 vintages
Viansa1 vintages
Volante1 vintages
Whetstone Wine Cellars1 vintages
Testarossa1 vintages
Hallcrest Vineyards1 vintages
Gan Eden Wines1 vintages
Fountain Grove1 vintages
Freemark Abbey1 vintages
Frick C²1 vintages
Fretter1 vintages
Emeril's Classics1 vintages
Failla-Jordan1 vintages
Fallenleaf1 vintages
Edmunds Saint John1 vintages
Corbans Marlborough Winery1 vintages
Crane Canyon1 vintages
Crema (La)1 vintages
Alcina1 vintages
Anderson Vineyard (S.)1 vintages
Artisan1 vintages
Benrovia1 vintages
Bighorn Cellars1 vintages
Balverne1 vintages
Brogan Cellars1 vintages
Black Rock1 vintages
Chandon (Domaine)1 vintages
Snob Hill1 vintages
Simi1 vintages
Seven Lions1 vintages
Rutherford Grove1 vintages
Saint George (Domaine)1 vintages
Saisons Des Vins1 vintages
Salmon Creek1 vintages
Piziali1 vintages
Peju1 vintages
Parsons Creek1 vintages
Olabisi Wines1 vintages
Mirabelle1 vintages
Noggle1 vintages
Oak Arbor1 vintages
Marguerite Ryan1 vintages
Marilyn Wines1 vintages
Liparita1 vintages
Martini & Prati1 vintages
Mark Moretti1 vintages
Michael Sullberg1 vintages
J.R. Storey1 vintages
Imagery1 vintages
Hill & Thoma Winegrowers1 vintages
Kerrigan Creek1 vintages
Jre1 vintages
Jest Red1 vintages
La Rougette1 vintages
Kosta Browne Winery1 vintages
Lang (Weingut)1 vintages

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