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Winery Vintages 
Kenwood418 vintages
Ravenswood314 vintages
Saint Jean (Chateau)306 vintages
Arrowood Vineyards275 vintages
Saint Francis274 vintages
Kunde Estate266 vintages
Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery244 vintages
Kistler Vineyards235 vintages
Rodney Strong Vineyards230 vintages
Gundlach Bundschu200 vintages
Gallo Family Vineyards193 vintages
Benziger192 vintages
Ridge Vineyards171 vintages
Ferrari-Carano167 vintages
Williams-Selyem Winery150 vintages
Valley Of The Moon147 vintages
Matanzas Creek142 vintages
Simi137 vintages
Wellington Vineyards135 vintages
Seghesio Family Vineyards124 vintages
Martini (Louis M.)124 vintages
Iron Horse124 vintages
Flowers122 vintages
Chalk Hill121 vintages
Landmark Vineyards119 vintages
Michael Winery (Peter)119 vintages
Fisher Vineyards115 vintages
Laurel Glen110 vintages
Geyser Peak107 vintages
Pride Mountain Vineyards107 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars106 vintages
Bois (Clos du)105 vintages
Marcassin Winery100 vintages
Marietta97 vintages
Carmenet97 vintages
Dry Creek94 vintages
Schug92 vintages
Cohn (B R)91 vintages
Taft Street90 vintages
Rabbit Ridge89 vintages
Hanzell89 vintages
Haywood84 vintages
Hanna79 vintages
Patz and Hall Wine Company79 vintages
Aubert Wines78 vintages
Littorai Winery75 vintages
Martinelli Winery72 vintages
Hartford Family Winery69 vintages
Sonoma-Cutrer68 vintages
Failla-Jordan65 vintages
Crema (La)65 vintages
Cline Cellars64 vintages
Gary Farrell Wines63 vintages
Fort Ross Vineyard63 vintages
Lyeth Vineyards & Winery63 vintages
Chasseur62 vintages
Keller Winery61 vintages
Siduri Wines61 vintages
Hobbs Winery (Paul)60 vintages
Foppiano59 vintages
Côtes De Sonoma59 vintages
Hacienda Wine Cellars56 vintages
Blackstone55 vintages
Peay Vineyards55 vintages
Kalin Cellars53 vintages
Selby52 vintages
White Oak Wines52 vintages
Verite52 vintages
Morlet Family Vineyards51 vintages
Sonoma Coast Vineyards & Winery50 vintages
Tandem Winery49 vintages
Stonestreet & Sons Winery48 vintages
Coturri46 vintages
Lytton Springs44 vintages
Mark West44 vintages
Forest Glen Winery44 vintages
Sonoma-Loeb43 vintages
Saxon Brown43 vintages
Carlisle Winery & Vineyards41 vintages
Belvedere41 vintages
Loach (de)40 vintages
Smith Wines (W H)40 vintages
Pedroncelli Wines (J.)39 vintages
Paradise Ridge39 vintages
Imagery38 vintages
Bruce (David)37 vintages
Castle Rock37 vintages
Radio Coteau Wine Cellars37 vintages
Robert Stemmler Winery37 vintages
Swan (Joseph)37 vintages
Pax Wine Cellars36 vintages
Nicholson Ranch36 vintages
Biale (Robert)36 vintages
JC Cellars34 vintages
Pahlmeyer34 vintages
Ramey Wine Cellars33 vintages
Ledson33 vintages
Kosta Browne Winery33 vintages
Fetzer Vineyards33 vintages
Dehlinger Winery33 vintages
Angeline32 vintages
Murphy-Goode32 vintages
Rivers Marie32 vintages
Morgan Winery31 vintages
Phelps (Joseph)31 vintages
Arnot-Roberts31 vintages
Field Stone31 vintages
MacRostie30 vintages
Michel (Domaine)30 vintages
Mazzocco30 vintages
Merry Edwards Wines29 vintages
Montelena (Chateau)29 vintages
Sonoma Creek Winery29 vintages
Zellerbach Estates29 vintages
Topolos28 vintages
Lambert Bridge Winery28 vintages
Lewis Cellars28 vintages
Audelssa Estate Winery28 vintages
Edmunds Saint John28 vintages
Dreyer Sonoma27 vintages
Dunah Vineyard & Winery27 vintages
Kamen Estate Wines27 vintages
Loring Wine Company27 vintages
Zabaco (Rancho)27 vintages
Roessler Cellars27 vintages
Optima Winery27 vintages
Orogeny26 vintages
Moon Mountain26 vintages
Mietz Cellars26 vintages
Mill Creek26 vintages
Quatro26 vintages
Martin Ray Vineyards26 vintages
MacMurray Ranch26 vintages
Davis Bynum26 vintages
Cobb Wines25 vintages
Fritz Cellars25 vintages
Papapietro Perry Winery25 vintages
Turning Leaf25 vintages
Trentadue24 vintages
Tin Barn24 vintages
Neyers24 vintages
Grand Archer (Domaine)24 vintages
Grove Street24 vintages
Hop Kiln24 vintages
Kendall-Jackson23 vintages
Laurier Vineyards23 vintages
Freeman Vineyard & Winery22 vintages
Castle Vineyards22 vintages
Adler Fels22 vintages
Bugay22 vintages
Steele Wines22 vintages
Sojourn Cellars20 vintages
Mayo Family Winery (The)20 vintages
Roshambo Winery20 vintages
Souverain (Chateau)20 vintages
Alderbrook20 vintages
Huntington20 vintages
Grand Cru Vineyards20 vintages
Korbel Estate20 vintages
Hunter (Robert)19 vintages
J Vineyards & Winery19 vintages
Artesa19 vintages
Capiaux Cellars19 vintages
Saint George (Domaine)19 vintages
Renard19 vintages
Zepaltas Wines19 vintages
Viansa18 vintages
Eric Kent Wine Cellars18 vintages
Armagh Wines18 vintages
Bartholomew Park Winery18 vintages
J. Garcia18 vintages
Hawk Crest17 vintages
MacPhail Family Wines17 vintages
Byington17 vintages
Armida17 vintages
Culler17 vintages
Willow Creek17 vintages
Windsor Vineyards16 vintages
River Road16 vintages
Sea Ridge16 vintages
Petroni Family Vineyards16 vintages
Moobuzz15 vintages
Wildhurst15 vintages
Weinstock15 vintages
Estancia15 vintages
Baun (Chateau de)15 vintages
Boisset15 vintages
Hirsch Vineyards15 vintages
Greenwood Ridge15 vintages
Expressions14 vintages
Jordan Vineyard and Winery14 vintages
Alesia Vineyards14 vintages
Canihan Family14 vintages
Chestnut Hill Winery14 vintages
Wild Hog Hill14 vintages
Tor Kenward Family Vineyard14 vintages
Mueller Cellars (Robert)14 vintages
Piper Sonoma Cellars14 vintages
Sadler-Wells14 vintages
Spann13 vintages
Richardson13 vintages
Pezzi King13 vintages
Michael Sullberg13 vintages
Vision Cellars13 vintages
Bjornstad13 vintages
Bucklin Winery13 vintages
Lioco13 vintages
Long Vineyards13 vintages
Flanagan Family Vineyards12 vintages
Golden Creek12 vintages
Briggs (August)12 vintages
Albini Family Vineyards12 vintages
Baron Herzog12 vintages
Coopers' Legacy12 vintages
Counterpoint12 vintages
Dotto (Del)12 vintages
Whetstone Wine Cellars12 vintages
Thomas Coyne (Thomas)12 vintages
Tres Sabores12 vintages
Turley Wine Cellars12 vintages
Rutz Cellars12 vintages
Ross (Eric)11 vintages
Scherrer11 vintages
Nelson Estate11 vintages
Pellegrini11 vintages
Parkers Estate11 vintages
Craig (Robert)11 vintages
Belle Glos Wines11 vintages
Flax11 vintages
Hamel Wines11 vintages
Harrington Wine11 vintages
Londer Vineyards11 vintages
Marion11 vintages
Il Cuore10 vintages
Kanzler Vineyards10 vintages
Beaulieu Vineyards10 vintages
Buena Vista10 vintages
Baker Lane Vineyards10 vintages
Dutton-Goldfield Winery10 vintages
Carica10 vintages
Novy Family Wines10 vintages
Merryvale Vineyards10 vintages
Star Lane Vineyard10 vintages
Sobon Estate10 vintages
Q10 vintages
Wheeler Winery10 vintages
Valdez Family Winery10 vintages
Ty Caton9 vintages
Sofia9 vintages
Sbragia Family Vineyards9 vintages
Mount Eden (Villa)9 vintages
Pyramids9 vintages
Cecchetti-Sebastiani9 vintages
Charter Oak9 vintages
Cutler Cellar9 vintages
A.P. Vin9 vintages
Ant Hill Farms9 vintages
Bohème9 vintages
Bellerose9 vintages
Kastania9 vintages
Leveroni9 vintages
Leaping Lizard9 vintages
Korbin Kameron9 vintages
Hidden Ridge Vineyard9 vintages
Highway 129 vintages
Ferrer (Gloria)9 vintages
Eponymous Winery9 vintages
Evening Land Vineyards8 vintages
Fog (Adrian)8 vintages
Gan Eden Wines8 vintages
Halleck Vineyard8 vintages
Jax Vineyards8 vintages
Angevin Wines (l')8 vintages
Deerfield Ranch8 vintages
Charles Creek8 vintages
Michael Pozzan8 vintages
Testarossa8 vintages
Tamayo8 vintages
Solitude wines8 vintages
Stryker8 vintages
Vergari8 vintages
York Creek Vineyards8 vintages
Tantalus7 vintages
Tin Roof7 vintages
Valley Ridge7 vintages
McCoy (Peter)7 vintages
Pali Wine Co.7 vintages
Shooting Star7 vintages
Sonoma Crest7 vintages
Red Car Wine Company7 vintages
Savannah-Chanelle7 vintages
Sawkar Family7 vintages
Salinia Wine7 vintages
Cosentino7 vintages
Enkidu Wine7 vintages
Amapola Creek7 vintages
Baccala Estate7 vintages
Blackbird Vineyards7 vintages
Boxcar7 vintages
Kutch Wines7 vintages
Lynmar7 vintages
I'M7 vintages
Four Vines Winery7 vintages
Forest Hill7 vintages
Glen Ellen Winery6 vintages
Fogarty (Thomas)6 vintages
Favero6 vintages
Lost Canyon Winery6 vintages
Malm6 vintages
Alcina6 vintages
Dutch Bill Creek6 vintages
Silver Pines Vineyards6 vintages
Shane Wine Cellars6 vintages
Oriel USA6 vintages
Meeker6 vintages
Van Der Kamp6 vintages
Trellis6 vintages
Skylark Wine Company6 vintages
Stone Creek6 vintages
Wind Gap Wines6 vintages
Mia's Playground5 vintages
Mosaic5 vintages
Olson Ogden Wines5 vintages
Parsons Creek5 vintages
Praxis5 vintages
Random Ridge5 vintages
Scholium Project (The)5 vintages
Saint Helena Road5 vintages
Remick Ridge5 vintages
Richard Cuneo5 vintages
Cottonwood Canyon Winery and Vineyards5 vintages
Copain5 vintages
Copeland Creek5 vintages
Canyon Road5 vintages
Auteur5 vintages
Babcock5 vintages
Aubin5 vintages
Broc Cellars5 vintages
Brogan Cellars5 vintages
Bouchaine5 vintages
Blackford Wines5 vintages
Bon Marche5 vintages
Mario Perelli-Minetti5 vintages
Loxton5 vintages
M Squared5 vintages
Maddalena5 vintages
Kokomo Wines5 vintages
Everett Ridge5 vintages
Fox Mountain5 vintages
Hill Climber Vineyards5 vintages
Fallenleaf4 vintages
Jacuzzi4 vintages
Jota (la)4 vintages
Marimar Estate Torres Family Vineyards4 vintages
Martini & Prati4 vintages
Baldassari Family Wines4 vintages
Emeritus Vineyards4 vintages
Evening Coast Vineyards4 vintages
Dry Stack Cellars4 vintages
DuMol4 vintages
Drew Family Cellars4 vintages
River Oaks4 vintages
Robert Rue Vineyard4 vintages
Ross Valley4 vintages
Sherbrooke4 vintages
Parmalee-Hill4 vintages
Mountain House Winery4 vintages
Meredith Vineyards Estate4 vintages
Zabaco4 vintages
Whitcraft Winery4 vintages
Steltzner4 vintages
Talisman4 vintages
Terra Rosa4 vintages
Unalii3 vintages
Tallulah Winery3 vintages
Tara Bella3 vintages
Sugarloaf Ridge3 vintages
Stonegate3 vintages
Vie Winery3 vintages
Vieux-Os Wines (Schrader Cellar)3 vintages
Mondavi (Robert)3 vintages
Newlan3 vintages
Moondance3 vintages
Per Sempre3 vintages
Sidejob Cellars3 vintages
Smothers Brothers3 vintages
Roudon-Smith3 vintages
Sans Permis3 vintages
Emm3 vintages
Chauffe-Eau3 vintages
Cirri3 vintages
Audubon3 vintages
Aston Estate3 vintages
Bonaccorsi Wine Company3 vintages
Baton3 vintages
Bridgeway3 vintages
Calstar3 vintages
Madrone Ridge3 vintages
Magito Wines3 vintages
Maácama Creek3 vintages
Livingston3 vintages
Jre3 vintages
Jepson Wine3 vintages
Foss Creek3 vintages
Hunter3 vintages
Halby (Thomas)3 vintages
Hill (William)2 vintages
Homewood2 vintages
Francis Coppola Presents2 vintages
George2 vintages
Felta Springs2 vintages
Kaz2 vintages
Calix2 vintages
Bunker Sonoma Mountain2 vintages
Beauregard (Vineyards)2 vintages
Berthoud2 vintages
Bevan Cellars2 vintages
Artezin2 vintages
Balverne2 vintages
Bannister2 vintages
Anakota2 vintages
Apoyo2 vintages
Clary Ranch2 vintages
Christophe2 vintages
Churchill Cellars2 vintages
Corbett Canyon2 vintages
Constant2 vintages
Chappell Family2 vintages
Castle Creek2 vintages
Erich Russell2 vintages
Dunnewood2 vintages
Davis Family Vineyards2 vintages
Danica (Domaine)2 vintages
Crane Canyon2 vintages
Santa Vittoria2 vintages
Royce2 vintages
Sonoma Mission2 vintages
Sonoma Vineyards2 vintages
Sheldon2 vintages
Scott Paul Wines2 vintages
Periscope Cellars2 vintages
Pat Paulsen2 vintages
Moser Scharding2 vintages
Miura2 vintages
Wildcat2 vintages
Waypoint Wine2 vintages
Zealear2 vintages
Storybook Mountain2 vintages
V-Twin2 vintages
Winterbrook1 vintages
Vince1 vintages
Watkins1 vintages
Miller Wine Works1 vintages
Milone1 vintages
Meitz1 vintages
Moore (Z)1 vintages
Monterey Vineyard1 vintages
Navillus Birney1 vintages
Paws (Chateau la)1 vintages
Noel Cellars1 vintages
Organic Wine Works1 vintages
Peka1 vintages
Sharp1 vintages
Sirita1 vintages
S.P. Drummer Wines1 vintages
Santino1 vintages
Saintsbury1 vintages
Riverside Farm1 vintages
Robert Keeble1 vintages
Crazy Legs1 vintages
Cronin1 vintages
De Clarck (Domaine)1 vintages
Decker1 vintages
Delicato1 vintages
Devlin1 vintages
Edge Hill Winery1 vintages
Edgewood Estate Winery1 vintages
Castleview1 vintages
Charbay (Domaine)1 vintages
Coffaro (David)1 vintages
Colony1 vintages
Annapolis1 vintages
Alice's Vineyard1 vintages
Adobe Road1 vintages
Bargetto1 vintages
Atascadero Creek Winery1 vintages
Bonny Doon1 vintages
Bush-Field1 vintages
Cale Cellars1 vintages
Kirkland Signature1 vintages
Ladd1 vintages
Lookout Ridge1 vintages
Marston Family Vineyard1 vintages
Mathew (Paul)1 vintages
Manischewitz1 vintages
Fenestra1 vintages
G'sell1 vintages
Hawley1 vintages
Hunter Hill1 vintages
J. Keverson1 vintages
Hansel (Walter)1 vintages
Hamilton Hemmeter1 vintages

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