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Winery Vintages 
Acacia212 vintages
Saintsbury186 vintages
Truchard172 vintages
Ferrer (Gloria)168 vintages
Buena Vista157 vintages
Schug115 vintages
Etude Wines112 vintages
Carneros Creek Winery108 vintages
MacRostie102 vintages
Cuvaison estate wines88 vintages
Carneros (Domaine)86 vintages
Beaulieu Vineyards83 vintages
Pegase (Clos)81 vintages
Mondavi (Robert)75 vintages
Havens Wine Cellar71 vintages
Robert Sinsky Vineyards68 vintages
Clos du Val64 vintages
Bouchaine61 vintages
Steele Wines60 vintages
Patz and Hall Wine Company58 vintages
Benziger57 vintages
Ancien54 vintages
Kistler Vineyards51 vintages
Hobbs Winery (Paul)48 vintages
Ramey Wine Cellars48 vintages
Chandon (Domaine)47 vintages
Beringer44 vintages
Neyers43 vintages
Sterling Vineyards42 vintages
St. Clement40 vintages
Hyde De Villaine (HDV)39 vintages
Krug (Charles)37 vintages
Pine Ridge37 vintages
Artesa36 vintages
Barnett Vineyards35 vintages
Robert Stemmler Winery34 vintages
Rasmussen (Kent)33 vintages
Signorello Vineyards31 vintages
Rombauer28 vintages
Tor Kenward Family Vineyard27 vintages
Selene Wines26 vintages
Crema (La)26 vintages
Donum Estate26 vintages
Frog's Leap26 vintages
Anderson's Conn Valley Vineyards24 vintages
Cakebread Cellars24 vintages
Anderson Vineyard (S.)23 vintages
Molino (El)22 vintages
Waterstone Wines21 vintages
ZD20 vintages
Simi20 vintages
Briggs (August)20 vintages
Cline Cellars19 vintages
Marcassin Winery19 vintages
Herrera ((Mi Sueno))18 vintages
Hudson Vineyards18 vintages
Sonoma-Loeb18 vintages
Solitude wines16 vintages
Kazmer and Blaise16 vintages
Cohn (B R)16 vintages
B. Kosuge15 vintages
Ravenswood15 vintages
Ramsay15 vintages
Roche Winery15 vintages
Vine Cliff Cellars14 vintages
Nickel & Nickel14 vintages
Nicholson Ranch13 vintages
Merryvale Vineyards13 vintages
Jacuzzi13 vintages
Arnot-Roberts13 vintages
Adastra13 vintages
X Winery13 vintages
Toad Hall13 vintages
Richardson13 vintages
Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery12 vintages
Saint Jean (Chateau)12 vintages
Swanson12 vintages
Valley Of The Moon12 vintages
Cale Cellars12 vintages
Hartford Family Winery12 vintages
Liparita12 vintages
Mahoney Estate11 vintages
Mckenzie-Mueller11 vintages
Jeff Gordon11 vintages
Laird Family11 vintages
Leaping Lizard11 vintages
Voss Vineyards11 vintages
Whitethorn11 vintages
Sonoma Creek Winery11 vintages
Trinitas Cellars10 vintages
Stephens Estate (D.R.)10 vintages
Graham Wines (Gregory)10 vintages
Franus (Peter)10 vintages
Paraiso Springs10 vintages
Mount Eden (Villa)10 vintages
Campion Wines10 vintages
Coho Winery10 vintages
DuMol10 vintages
Deerfield Ranch9 vintages
Chasseur9 vintages
Mont St. John9 vintages
Molnar Family Winery9 vintages
Flowers9 vintages
Shooting Star9 vintages
Talisman9 vintages
Renard9 vintages
John Anthony Vineyards8 vintages
Loring Wine Company8 vintages
Chauffe-Eau8 vintages
Bighorn Cellars7 vintages
Abiouness7 vintages
Lost Canyon Winery7 vintages
Optima Winery7 vintages
Jocelyn & Lonen Wines7 vintages
Tandem Winery7 vintages
Souverain (Chateau)7 vintages
Silverado Vineyards6 vintages
Rubicon Estate6 vintages
Viansa6 vintages
Gundlach Bundschu6 vintages
Bennett Lane Winery6 vintages
Carmenet6 vintages
Chimney Rock6 vintages
Dain Wines6 vintages
Elyse6 vintages
Craig (Robert)5 vintages
Behrens & Hitchcock5 vintages
Gary Farrell Wines5 vintages
Geyser Peak5 vintages
Ledson5 vintages
Levendi Winery5 vintages
Mumm Napa5 vintages
Provenance Wines5 vintages
Phelps (Joseph)5 vintages
Kesner Wines5 vintages
Martini (Louis M.)5 vintages
Tria5 vintages
Solaris Winery5 vintages
Salmon Creek4 vintages
Mayo Family Winery (The)4 vintages
Longfellow4 vintages
Kopriva4 vintages
Imagery4 vintages
H.W. Helms4 vintages
Harrington Wine4 vintages
Derbès4 vintages
Dunnewood3 vintages
Ehler's Grove3 vintages
Castle Vineyards3 vintages
Ambullneo Vineyards3 vintages
Audubon3 vintages
Gustavo Thrace3 vintages
Flora Springs3 vintages
Keon Winery3 vintages
Marshall Family3 vintages
Roessler Cellars3 vintages
Wilson Daniels3 vintages
Young Ridge Vineyard2 vintages
Stephen Test2 vintages
Relentless2 vintages
Miura2 vintages
Marcelina Vineyards2 vintages
Penard2 vintages
Landmark Vineyards2 vintages
Alcina2 vintages
Carneros Della Notte2 vintages
Carneros Quality Alliance2 vintages
Byrd-Cooper Wines2 vintages
Connor Brennan2 vintages
Eklund2 vintages
Fetzer Vineyards2 vintages
Field Stone2 vintages
Fisher Vineyards2 vintages
Edgewood Estate Winery1 vintages
Edwards (Jean)1 vintages
De Clarck (Domaine)1 vintages
Castleview1 vintages
Chappell Family1 vintages
Cirri1 vintages
Brandes Cellars1 vintages
Castello Di Amorosa1 vintages
Adler Fels1 vintages
Arrowood Vineyards1 vintages
Baldacci Family1 vintages
Bargetto1 vintages
Keltie Brook1 vintages
Foxridge1 vintages
Grgich Hills1 vintages
Homewood1 vintages
Saint Francis1 vintages
Siduri Wines1 vintages
Terra1 vintages

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