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Winery Vintages 
Rochioli (J)413 vintages
Dehlinger Winery312 vintages
Williams-Selyem Winery306 vintages
Loach (de)265 vintages
Martinelli Winery226 vintages
Gary Farrell Wines180 vintages
Hansel (Walter)143 vintages
J Vineyards & Winery132 vintages
Davis Bynum132 vintages
Swan (Joseph)128 vintages
Hartford Family Winery125 vintages
DuMol117 vintages
Arrowood Vineyards93 vintages
Lynmar92 vintages
Kistler Vineyards91 vintages
Mueller Cellars (Robert)88 vintages
Hanna87 vintages
Carlisle Winery & Vineyards85 vintages
Hobbs Winery (Paul)79 vintages
Crema (La)78 vintages
Marimar Estate Torres Family Vineyards74 vintages
Rodney Strong Vineyards74 vintages
Dutton-Goldfield Winery71 vintages
Papapietro Perry Winery65 vintages
Frei Brothers64 vintages
Rutz Cellars63 vintages
Chasseur61 vintages
Foppiano60 vintages
Merry Edwards Wines60 vintages
Fritz Cellars59 vintages
Dutton Estate58 vintages
Martin Ray Vineyards58 vintages
Porter Creek58 vintages
Patz and Hall Wine Company57 vintages
Russian Hill55 vintages
Simi52 vintages
Taft Street52 vintages
Bannister50 vintages
Angeline48 vintages
Longboard48 vintages
Armida47 vintages
Mark West45 vintages
Bruce (David)44 vintages
Kosta Browne Winery43 vintages
Kenwood42 vintages
Olivet Lane42 vintages
Buehler Vineyards42 vintages
Brogan Cellars41 vintages
Novy Family Wines41 vintages
Siduri Wines41 vintages
Nickel & Nickel40 vintages
MacMurray Ranch40 vintages
Moshin39 vintages
Murphy-Goode38 vintages
Littorai Winery38 vintages
Seghesio Family Vineyards38 vintages
Scherrer37 vintages
Limerick Lane37 vintages
Cosentino37 vintages
Hook & Ladder37 vintages
Gallo Family Vineyards36 vintages
Ferrari-Carano36 vintages
Arista Winery36 vintages
Hop Kiln35 vintages
Sebastiani Vineyards & Winery35 vintages
Selby35 vintages
Rosenblum Cellars35 vintages
Holdredge Wines34 vintages
Bearboat34 vintages
Christopher Creek34 vintages
Castle Rock34 vintages
Ross (Eric)33 vintages
Wellington Vineyards30 vintages
Ramey Wine Cellars29 vintages
Sebastopol Vineyards29 vintages
Belvedere29 vintages
Freeman Vineyard & Winery28 vintages
Lewis Cellars28 vintages
White Oak Wines28 vintages
Pax Wine Cellars27 vintages
Failla-Jordan27 vintages
Alderbrook27 vintages
Angevin Wines (l')26 vintages
Cline Cellars26 vintages
Davis Family Vineyards26 vintages
Geyser Peak26 vintages
Martini (Louis M.)26 vintages
Pellegrini25 vintages
Radio Coteau Wine Cellars25 vintages
Sonoma-Cutrer25 vintages
Albini Family Vineyards25 vintages
Bois (Clos du)22 vintages
Briggs (August)22 vintages
Ravenswood22 vintages
Mathew (Paul)22 vintages
Zabaco (Rancho)22 vintages
Saint Jean (Chateau)21 vintages
Souverain (Chateau)20 vintages
Rudd Estate20 vintages
Keegan Cellars20 vintages
Castalia20 vintages
Halleck Vineyard20 vintages
Tandem Winery20 vintages
Fanucchi Vineyards19 vintages
Capiaux Cellars19 vintages
Acorn19 vintages
Lake Sonoma19 vintages
Sapphire Hill19 vintages
Saint George (Domaine)18 vintages
Eric Kent Wine Cellars18 vintages
Donatiello Winery18 vintages
Gamba Vineyard18 vintages
Trinitas Cellars18 vintages
Adler Fels17 vintages
Barnett Vineyards17 vintages
Skewis17 vintages
Philip Staley17 vintages
Phillips Wine Company (R.H.)17 vintages
Paradise Ridge17 vintages
MacIlroy17 vintages
Landmark Vineyards16 vintages
Korbel Estate16 vintages
Windsor Vineyards16 vintages
Lost Canyon Winery15 vintages
Herzog15 vintages
Signorello Vineyards15 vintages
Savannah-Chanelle15 vintages
Bogle15 vintages
Girard14 vintages
Optima Winery14 vintages
Moore (Z)14 vintages
Ottimino13 vintages
Fox Mountain13 vintages
Baun (Chateau de)13 vintages
Artesa13 vintages
Ancien12 vintages
Churchill Cellars12 vintages
Flowers12 vintages
Roessler Cellars12 vintages
Mia's Playground12 vintages
Jordan Vineyard and Winery12 vintages
Lauterbach12 vintages
Whetstone Wine Cellars12 vintages
Testarossa12 vintages
Tin Barn12 vintages
Valdez Family Winery11 vintages
Wild Hog Hill11 vintages
Ridge Vineyards11 vintages
Pedroncelli Wines (J.)11 vintages
Rabbit Ridge11 vintages
Donum Estate11 vintages
Harvest Moon11 vintages
Inman Family11 vintages
Cakebread Cellars11 vintages
Canyon Road10 vintages
Burgess10 vintages
Chalk Hill10 vintages
Athair10 vintages
Balletto10 vintages
Barefoot10 vintages
Bennett Family10 vintages
Harrington Wine10 vintages
Felice (Chateau)10 vintages
Dain Wines10 vintages
Oriel USA10 vintages
River Road10 vintages
Saint Francis10 vintages
Mayo Family Winery (The)10 vintages
Twomey Cellars10 vintages
Terlato9 vintages
Windsor Sonoma9 vintages
Marimar9 vintages
Mount Eden (Villa)9 vintages
Robert Stemmler Winery9 vintages
Picket Fence9 vintages
Robert Rue Vineyard8 vintages
Stewart Vineyards8 vintages
Suacci Carciere8 vintages
Mossback8 vintages
Medlock Ames8 vintages
Kutch Wines8 vintages
Bjornstad8 vintages
A.P. Vin8 vintages
August West Wine8 vintages
Carol Shelton Winery8 vintages
Bouchaine7 vintages
Benziger7 vintages
Barham Mendelsohn7 vintages
Baystone7 vintages
D'Argenzio7 vintages
Destino7 vintages
Kendall-Jackson7 vintages
Merriam7 vintages
Mietz Cellars7 vintages
Zepaltas Wines7 vintages
Walker Station Vineyards6 vintages
Morlet Family Vineyards6 vintages
MacPhail Family Wines6 vintages
Lattanzio6 vintages
Stonestreet & Sons Winery6 vintages
Shibumi Knoll Vineyards6 vintages
Small Vines Wines6 vintages
Sauvignon Republic California6 vintages
Seven Lions6 vintages
Pali Wine Co.6 vintages
Dry Creek6 vintages
Dark Horse WIne6 vintages
Emeritus Vineyards6 vintages
Enkidu Wine6 vintages
Fountain Grove6 vintages
Grove Street6 vintages
Hart's Desire6 vintages
Baron Herzog6 vintages
Battaglini6 vintages
Hayman & Hill5 vintages
J. Jacaman5 vintages
Forchini5 vintages
Darioush5 vintages
Sable Ridge5 vintages
Ketcham Estate5 vintages
Mara5 vintages
Merryvale Vineyards5 vintages
Olson Ogden Wines5 vintages
One World5 vintages
Topolos5 vintages
Turley Wine Cellars4 vintages
Stephen Test4 vintages
Lutea4 vintages
Jocelyn & Lonen Wines4 vintages
John Tyler4 vintages
Kokomo Wines4 vintages
Ledson4 vintages
Sattui Winery (V.)4 vintages
Sonnet Wine Cellars4 vintages
Sunce4 vintages
Portalupi4 vintages
Pezzi King4 vintages
Deerfield Ranch4 vintages
Derbès4 vintages
Favia Wines4 vintages
Green and Red4 vintages
Baton4 vintages
Aubin4 vintages
Alcina4 vintages
Coho Winery4 vintages
Crane Canyon4 vintages
Crinella3 vintages
Craig (Robert)3 vintages
Chandon (Domaine)3 vintages
Francis Coppola Presents3 vintages
Field Stone3 vintages
Red Car Wine Company3 vintages
Ross Valley3 vintages
Solitude wines3 vintages
Solorosa3 vintages
Segue3 vintages
JC Cellars3 vintages
Marcassin Winery3 vintages
Venezia Winery3 vintages
Vice Versa3 vintages
Tremani Vineyards3 vintages
Turjanis3 vintages
Zmor3 vintages
Zabaco2 vintages
Whitcraft Winery2 vintages
Manischewitz2 vintages
Martini & Prati2 vintages
Old World2 vintages
Kindred Wines2 vintages
Stratford Winery2 vintages
Rudius2 vintages
Piccolo Rosso2 vintages
Fisher Vineyards2 vintages
Eagles Landing2 vintages
Ecosse (L')2 vintages
Dunah Vineyard & Winery2 vintages
Dashe Cellars2 vintages
Igor Larionov Select Wines2 vintages
Hamel Wines2 vintages
Cynthus2 vintages
Byrd-Cooper Wines2 vintages
Benrovia2 vintages
Beaux Hauts (Chateau)1 vintages
Blackstone1 vintages
Blockheadia Ringnosi Winery1 vintages
Baccharis1 vintages
Canepa1 vintages
Crazy Legs1 vintages
Castleview1 vintages
Chauffe-Eau1 vintages
Hauck Cellars1 vintages
J.R. Storey1 vintages
Intaglio1 vintages
Francis Ford Coppola Director's Cut1 vintages
Fred's Hands1 vintages
Frick1 vintages
De La Montanya1 vintages
Denatale1 vintages
Eno1 vintages
Falconer1 vintages
Fog (Adrian)1 vintages
Passalacqua1 vintages
S3x1 vintages
Renard1 vintages
Spelletich1 vintages
Sol Rouge1 vintages
Sherbrooke1 vintages
Scotland Craig1 vintages
Ladd1 vintages
Krug (Charles)1 vintages
Ketelsen Vineyards & Winery1 vintages
Luddite Wines1 vintages
Luko1 vintages
Long Vineyards1 vintages
Michael Winery (Peter)1 vintages
Michael-Scott1 vintages
Wilson Fleming1 vintages
Wilson Winery1 vintages
Tobacco Road1 vintages
Tarius1 vintages

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