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Winery Vintages 
Michelle (Chateau Ste)667 vintages
Columbia Crest451 vintages
Hogue344 vintages
Snoqualmie Vineyards221 vintages
Columbia Winery204 vintages
Waterbrook Winery176 vintages
Barnard Griffin174 vintages
Washington Hills145 vintages
Covey Run131 vintages
Arbor Crest123 vintages
Powers Winery122 vintages
Gordon Brothers115 vintages
Woodward Canyon115 vintages
Silver Lake Winery109 vintages
Novelty Hill Wines109 vintages
Badger Mountain106 vintages
Dunham Cellars103 vintages
Three Rivers - 3 Rivers102 vintages
Sineann Cellars98 vintages
Januik Winery92 vintages
DiStefano90 vintages
Tamarack Cellars88 vintages
Canoe Ridge Vineyard82 vintages
Long Shadows79 vintages
Seven Hills Winery74 vintages
Betz Family Vineyards70 vintages
Bookwalter64 vintages
Buty Winery54 vintages
Bergevin Lane Vineyards54 vintages
Claar Cellars53 vintages
Foote (E.B.)53 vintages
Tagaris53 vintages
Sagelands52 vintages
Ecole No 41 (l')51 vintages
Quilceda Creek51 vintages
Rich (Andrew)51 vintages
Maryhill49 vintages
The Magnificent Wine Company49 vintages
Walla Walla Vintners48 vintages
Kiona48 vintages
Caterina Winery48 vintages
Delille Cellars47 vintages
Duck Pond45 vintages
Apex Cellars45 vintages
JM Cellars44 vintages
Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards & Winery43 vintages
Isenhower Cellars43 vintages
Leonetti Cellar43 vintages
Fidelitas Winery40 vintages
Thurston Wolfe39 vintages
Soos Creek39 vintages
Solare (Col)37 vintages
Northstar37 vintages
Syncline Wine Cellars35 vintages
Facelli34 vintages
Forgeron Cellars33 vintages
Owens Roe32 vintages
Robert Karl Cellars31 vintages
Preston Premium Wines31 vintages
Dusted Valley31 vintages
Ryan Patrick Vineyards30 vintages
Rulo Winery29 vintages
W.B. Bridgman27 vintages
Matthews27 vintages
Hedges27 vintages
Mark Ryan Winery26 vintages
Mathews Estate26 vintages
Kestrel Vintners26 vintages
Nelms Road26 vintages
Corliss Estates26 vintages
Abeja26 vintages
McCrea Cellars25 vintages
Mercer25 vintages
Reininger25 vintages
Pend D'Oreille25 vintages
San Juan24 vintages
Saviah Cellars23 vintages
Townshend Cellar23 vintages
Wilridge22 vintages
Thomas (Washington) (Paul)22 vintages
OS Owen Sullivan Winery22 vintages
Cadaretta21 vintages
Fielding Hills Winery21 vintages
Zefina21 vintages
Stewart Vineyards20 vintages
Lost River Winery20 vintages
Cathedral Ridge19 vintages
Baer Winery19 vintages
Brian Carter Cellars ((Columbia))19 vintages
Woodinville Wine Cellars19 vintages
Yakima River18 vintages
Walter Dacon Wines18 vintages
Castle Rock18 vintages
Tsillan17 vintages
Viento Wines17 vintages
Russell Creek17 vintages
Stone Cellars16 vintages
Syzygy Wines16 vintages
Will (Andrew)16 vintages
Gorman Winery16 vintages
Hightower15 vintages
Ross Andrew Winery15 vintages
Kana14 vintages
Pontin Del Roza13 vintages
Fiona (Glen)13 vintages
Cadence Winery13 vintages
Coeur d'Alene12 vintages
Alexandria Nicole12 vintages
K Vintners12 vintages
Harlequin Wine Cellars11 vintages
Pavin & Riley11 vintages
Poet's Leap11 vintages
Avery Lane11 vintages
Barrister11 vintages
Wright Cellars (Ken)11 vintages
Sockeye11 vintages
Tefft Cellars10 vintages
Vin du Lac10 vintages
Cascade Ridge10 vintages
Edgefield10 vintages
Covington Cellars10 vintages
Dalla Valle Vineyards10 vintages
Pendulum10 vintages
Natalie's Estate10 vintages
Nicholas Cole Cellars9 vintages
Revelry9 vintages
Cristom Vineyards9 vintages
Fall Line Winery9 vintages
Amavi Cellars9 vintages
Tildio9 vintages
Va Piano9 vintages
Waters Winery9 vintages
Whitman Cellars9 vintages
Stonecap9 vintages
Stella Maris9 vintages
Stone Creek8 vintages
Basel Cellars Estate Winery8 vintages
Chester-Kidder8 vintages
Nefarious Cellars8 vintages
Olsen8 vintages
Mystic8 vintages
Lone Canary Winery8 vintages
Marble Crest7 vintages
Guardian7 vintages
Michael Florentino7 vintages
Pacific Rim7 vintages
Cedergreen Cellars7 vintages
Austin Robaire7 vintages
GraEagle ((Nicolas Cole Cellars))7 vintages
Gramercy Cellars7 vintages
Doyenne7 vintages
Sparkman Cellars7 vintages
Six Prong7 vintages
Sleight Of Hand7 vintages
ZanZibar Sandra6 vintages
Dusted Valley Bfm6 vintages
Charles Smith Wines6 vintages
Pursued By Bear6 vintages
Horan Estates Winery6 vintages
Hoodsport5 vintages
Fox Estate5 vintages
Giant Wine Company5 vintages
Knipprath5 vintages
Nota Bene Winery5 vintages
Chatter Creek5 vintages
Beresan Wines5 vintages
Dakota Creek5 vintages
Whitestone5 vintages
Watermill5 vintages
Staton Hills5 vintages
Substance5 vintages
Tabula Rasa5 vintages
Verve4 vintages
Cuneo Cellars4 vintages
Eola Hills4 vintages
Bunnell Family Cellar4 vintages
Chaz Point4 vintages
Patrick M. Paul4 vintages
Lake Chelan4 vintages
Mannina Cellars4 vintages
Kamiak4 vintages
Jezebel4 vintages
Rollat (Chateau)3 vintages
Naches Heights3 vintages
Mission Mountain3 vintages
Cherry Hill Winery3 vintages
Cave B3 vintages
Barrelstone3 vintages
Colvin3 vintages
Dalla Vina Wines3 vintages
Wheatland3 vintages
Woodhouse Family Cellars3 vintages
Steven Thomas Livingstone3 vintages
Seth Ryan2 vintages
Sandhill2 vintages
Sandidge Wines (C.R.)2 vintages
Wrangler2 vintages
Walla Walla Village2 vintages
Grande Ronde Cellars2 vintages
Mt. Defiance2 vintages
Horan Hvh2 vintages
Masset2 vintages
Kirkland Signature2 vintages
Latitude 46N1 vintages
Horizon's Edge1 vintages
Hestia Cellars1 vintages
Mercer Ranch1 vintages
Fort Walla Walla Cellars1 vintages
Foolish Oak1 vintages
Desert Wind Winery1 vintages
Cullin Hills1 vintages
Cascade Crest1 vintages
Vierra1 vintages
Wyvern1 vintages
Zerba Cellars1 vintages
Sokol Blosser1 vintages

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