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Clive Coates - The Vine (TV)

Clive Coates
Clive Coates MW (Master of Wine) is one of the world's leading wine authorities. Coates' lifetime of distinguished activity in the field has been recognised by the French government, which recently awarded him the Chevalier de l'Ordre du Mérite Agricole, and he's also been honoured with a "Rame d'Honneur" by Le Verre et L'Assiette, the Ruffino/Cyril Ray Memorial Prize for his writings on Italian wine, and the title of "Wine Writer of the Year" for 1998/1999 in the Champagne Lanson awards.

The Vine
Coates has published The Vine, his independent fine wine magazine, since 1985. Keenly read by oenophiles the world over, The Vine has received numerous awards, including a special commendation for its "considerable contribution to the knowledge and understanding of wine" from the Wine Guild of Great Britain. In addition to his work with The Vine, Coates has written for nearly all the world's foremost wine publications, and enjoys a reputation as an accomplished and engaging speaker among audiences throughout Europe and the USA.
-   concentrates on fine wines only
-   Is written from personal tasting experience by a recognised expert
-   Is independent, objective, impartial and realistic
-   Contains experienced advice for the investor, whether a consumer who buys a little extra wine for either drinking or selling, or those for whom wine is a serious investment
-   Will tell you what to buy - and, more importantly, what to avoid
-   Will tell you when your precious bottles will be at their best
Regular features include:
-   Vintage Assessments
-   Profiles on Leading Châteaux and Domaines
-   Comparative Tastings of Top Wines
-   Review of Current Auction Prices
-   Investment Advice

Coates' books are widely considered the classic works on their respective subjects. They include: Claret (1982), Wines of France (1990), Grands Vins, The Finest Châteaux of Bordeaux and Their Wines (1995), and his latest, Côte D'Or, A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy (1997), which won the André Simon Award (UK), the Champagne Veuve Clicquot prize (USA) and the James Beard Award (USA) for the best wine book of the year. Côte D'Or also won the annual Prix des Arts et des Lettres awarded by the Burgundian Confrérie de Tastevin, the first time a book on wine and a non-Burgundian has been so honoured for 30 years. He is presently at work on his most ambitious project to date, a definitive Encyclopaedia of the Wines of France, to be published in 2000.

 Grands Vin

The Finest Châteaux of Bordeaux and Their Wine
One hundred Châteaux profiled, with notes of vertical tasting going back in some cases to pre-phylloxera times, in many cases to the 1940s. Vintages 1990-1928, red and white Sauternes. Which are the best wines? When are they at their best? All the great wines assessed: Many both vertically and horizontally. 816 pages; published March 1995. Over 10,000 copies already sold.

"A wonderful book....his historian's research makes this essential for anyone concerned with the wines of the Gironde."
Pamela Vandyke Price

"No professional author now writing in English knows more about Bordeaux or tastes the wines more regularly and reliably. Coates speaks from the heart and his vignettes of the great proprietors are often moving."
Michael Edwards, Caterer and Hotelkeeper Magazine

"Wonderfully readable."
Boston Herald

"Excellent on the history and developments of individual châteaux, the extent of their vineyards and the character of their wines. The vintage assessments are handy and Coates' views of the merits of individual wines strike me as fair and well-informed."
Tim Atkin, The Observer

"Unashamedly scholarly though not without shafts of wry to essential reference."
Robert Joseph, Wine Magazine

"A detailed and fascinating evaluation of the best wines of Bordeaux.....very readable." California Grapevine

Côte D'Or
A Celebration of the Great Wines of Burgundy
The Villages; the growers, graded and assessed; the vineyards, outlined and described - and graded too. The top 61 domaines, profiled in depth with a vertical tasting of their wines. Vintages 1995-1945, red and white: Which are the best? When are the wines at their optimum? Literally thousands of tasting notes of the top wines. 997 pages; published in May 1997.

"Coates loves Burgundy. His love for the place, the people, their wines, comes through in these pages. He spends many weeks there every year going from cellar to cellar to taste. He understands what the vintners are trying to accomplish....Burgundy nuts better clear a wide spot on their bookshelves (for Côte d'Or)."
The Wine Spectator

"Eminently readable as well as an outstanding reference source."
Beverage Alcohol Market Report, New York

"The best organised, most thoroughly researched portrait yet of the Côte d'Or and its wines.....a top-notch book. Plunge into it, and you will never again be mystified by Burgundy."
Quarterly Review of Wine

"Coates knows the Côte better than anyone and it shows.....This is the essential book on Burgundy."
The Australian Financial Review

"Positively inspirational....this is one of the greatest books on wine ever published."
Cuisine Magazine

"Coates is probably the most respected palate in the world today.....Highly recommended."
The Wine Trader

"An impressive achievement.....I know of no other writer or practising wine merchant who can speak with the authority of Coates on Burgundy....a super work of reference."
Jasper Morris MW, Decanter Magazine

"Coates is remarkable for his ability to capture the essence of a vineyard or a producer in a brief paragraph or two.....Indispensable."
Jancis Robinson MW

"A masterpiece of scholarship and private insight (from) one of today's great promoter of wine.... (Clive) is witty, voluble, opinionated. Yet he is also friendly and good-natured, a man who has spent many years in passionate pursuit of extraordinary wines."
Larry Stone Wine and Spirits Magazine

Prior to his career as an author, Coates spent twenty years as a professional wine merchant, during which he served as Executive Director of the wines division of British Transport Hotels and established the legendary Malmaison Wine Club.

Frank Prial of the New York Times has written about Clive Coates' wine writing.

"....Is there a body of work about wine that is well written and lasting? I think so.... For my taste, a trio of British writers lead the list: Hugh Johnson, Gerald Asher and Clive Coates. ....From London, Mr Coates writes, edits and publishes a small, elegant magazine called The Vine. Each issue deals with three or four wine properties, usually in France; discusses various vintages and offers Mr. Coates' notes and impressions from tastings. A number of his profiles of châteaux and Burgundy estates have been collected in two magisterial volumes called, for Bordeaux, "Grands Vins" (1995); and, for Burgundy, "Côte d'Or" (1997), both from the University of California Press. Mr. Coates is a superb historian. Even someone only vaguely interested in wine will be riveted by his in-depth histories of the vineyards and châteaux...."

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