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Stephen Tanzer - International Wine Cellar (WC)

Stephen Tanzer
The critically acclaimed, independent, bimonthly International Wine Cellar, established in 1985, is read by wine lovers in all 50 states and 28 countries. Since 1997, the 100% subscriber-supported IWC has also been available in French and Japanese editions. With today's high wine prices, buying the wrong bottle can be maddening. We help you find the finest wines on the market -and avoid the mediocre but often equally expensive bottles.

The IWC provides extensive coverage of the world of fine wine, written mostly by editor and publisher Stephen D. Tanzer but also calling on the expertise of experienced authorities on the wines of specific regions. Our chief objective is to provide comprehensive yet concise coverage of all of the world's most important wine-producing areas on a regular basis. We name names: the majority of every issue of the publication is devoted to tasting notes on the most important wines of each region covered -anywhere from 500 to 800 wines per issue.

In addition to providing extensive tasting notes and vintage evaluations, the IWC also features in-depth, insightful interviews with knowledgeable wine insiders; collecting and investment advice (when to buy and when not to buy); lucid treatment of technical topics and controversial issues; and regular coverage of excellent inexpensive wines, including bottles from regions too often ignored by other wine publications.

Here's what some of the world's most widely read wine experts say about the International Wine Cellar:

"Exceptionally informative. . . . The excellent tasting notes and thorough interviews are among the most reliable and descriptive in the English language. This is an excellent, extremely underrated source for reliable wine information."-Robert M. Parker, Jr., Author/Publisher, The Wine Advocate (in Food & Wine magazine)

"When we seek wine advice in print, we place Mr. Tanzer so far ahead of the rest of the pack in credibility, authority and accuracy that we can't even smell the rest of the pack. . . . the Wine Cellar is this country's most useful wine-rating publication for consumers."-David Rosengarten, "Wining," The New York Observer

"Just to say how very much I am enjoying your absorbing newsletter. If only it wasn't so meaty, I could cut down on my reading load."-Jancis Robinson, Master of Wine and wine writer

"What I like about the Wine Cellar is that the articles deal in reasonable depth with a couple of major subjects and appear to me to be extremely well balanced and sensible. . . highly interesting and useful."-Michael Broadbent, Master of Wine, wine writer and Director, Christie's Wine Department

"Interesting and enlightening. . . . an invaluable shopping guide for buyers of fine wines."-Frank J. Prial, "Wine Talk," The New York Times

Here are excerpts from correspondence from satisfied Wine Cellar subscribers:

"I enjoy your low-key approach to wine evaluation. . . . Some of the other wine publications seem to be getting a little too hysterical."-Stockbroker, New York City

"I just finished reading your May/June issue from cover to cover. I'm still pinching myself. Can writing this good actually be about wine?"-Wine importer, San Francisco

"It is so refreshing to read something of substance, intelligently written and reported, where one can actually learn something new . . . you are clearly the best guide."-Restaurateur, Los Angeles

"My wino buddies have been telling me for years that the Wine Cellar is the most trustworthy and discriminating wine publication out there. They were right: I was a blockhead for not subscribing earlier."-Denver, Colorado

"Too many of the other wine journals seem to give high marks to over-the-top, high-alcohol wines that cannot be drunk with food. You, on the other hand, appreciate subtlety and complexity, and I applaud your approach."-Sommelier, Chicago

"I find your publication to be well-written, informative and very useful. I'm only sorry that I did not discover you sooner."-West Bloomfield, Michigan

"I subscribe to all the major wine publications, but yours is the one I most look forward to reading."-Lawyer, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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