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Jeff Leve - The Wine Cellar Insider

Jeff Leve
Jeff Leve, the publisher of The Wine Cellar Insider has traveled to the Bordeaux wine region to barrel taste close to 20 times. Each visit includes tastings at all the major properties and lasts between 2-3 weeks. He is in Bordeaux once or twice a year. Jeff Leve has been officially inducted into the following important Bordeaux societies: The Jurade of St. Emilion Jurade Hospitaliere de Pomerol de l’Ordre des Hospitaliers de Pomerol Commanderie de Bordeaux, Medoc, Graves, Sauternes Commanderie de Bordeaux Fronsac La Confrérie des Gentilshommes Fronsac Confrerie Jeff Leve is a self-taught, wine enthusiast who has been tasting, collecting and traveling to wine regions in France, as well as in America for over 15 years. Jeff Leve has given speeches on wine, most recently in China for the Hong Kong Trade Board at the International Wine and Spirits convention in Hong Kong. His notes and scores are being carried by several web sites including ours. Numerous other merchants, chateaux and Bordeaux negociants use them as well. Jeff Leve’s publication, The Wine Cellar Insider focuses on Bordeaux wine. The website features thousands of exclusive, searchable wine tasting notes with ratings, winery histories and profiles, images, in-depth articles, links and up to the minute harvest news. The Wine Cellar Insider also publishes special guest contributors ranging from chateaux owners, wine makers, consultants, negociants, retailers and more. The Wine Cellar Insider is the world’s leading source for Bordeaux harvest news. He also writes about Bordeaux wine and the wine market for Pekka Nuikki’s Fine Magazine and previously for Tasted magazine, which are distributed to over a dozen countries. He is also the moderator for Robert Parker’s web site. In his home city, Los Angeles,California, he consults numerous restaurants, merchants and private collectors on cellar acquisitions. He’s the former president of the Westwood Food and Wine Society, a Los Angeles based tasting group that has been together for over 4 decades. He is the founder and president of “7 Blind Men”, an important, Los Angeles based wine tasting group, dedicated to tasting wines blind. Aside from wine, he is the president of a broadcasting company: The Mike Harvey Show. His passions include travel, cooking, music, collecting historic artifacts by 60’s rock music artists and his personality filled Yellow Labrador, Hercules. Hercules, better known asHerky by his friends and fans has his own page on this site as well.

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